Careful thinker, open mind

Posted: Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Election day is fast approaching and those of us who live in Juneau District 4 have a big decision to make about who will fill Bill Hudson's shoes. I believe Bruce Weyhrauch is the best choice to represent us.

Bruce knows that a healthy Juneau requires a growing economic base. That is why Bruce supports resource development that has been so vital to the historic growth of Juneau and Southeast. His support of resource development also will build a stronger bond with our sister Southeast communities.

A strong economic base in Juneau also means keeping Juneau as the capital city. That is why Bruce supports improved access to Juneau. We must deal with that issue directly, if we are to end these almost biennial move efforts.

Bruce has considerable experience representing various interests before the Legislature. He is a careful thinker and keeps an open mind. I have been impressed with how he listens as much as I have been with how he speaks. These traits will make him an outstanding legislator to represent us. As a member of the majority, I believe Bruce Weyhrauch will be an effective representative for Juneau and for those Southeast communities that have many interests in common with Juneau.

In deciding who best can fill Bill Hudson's shoes, it is important to note that Bill Hudson has enthusiastically endorsed Bruce Weyhrauch. Once again, I find myself agreeing with Bill and I hope you join me in voting for Bruce Weyhrauch for the Alaska House Representatives District 4 seat (Juneau).

Terry Elder


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