Vision of cooperation

Posted: Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Juneau and Ketchikan, and Southeast in general, will be well served if Bruce Weyhrauch is elected to the Legislature.

I have known Bruce for many years and have dealt with him most memorably on a number of specific projects during the immediate past five years. In his role as a member of the Board of Governors of the Alaska Bar Association, he went far beyond the historic pattern of communicating with constituents only during election periods. Throughout his tenure on the board he communicated regularly with the Ketchikan Bar keeping it apprised of current issues and encouraging each member's involvement in state-wide programs. When he became president of the association, he brought the economic benefits of the annual convention to Ketchikan. His unstinting work resulted in the presence of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice and the largest attendance in the convention's history.

His recent interactions with the Ketchikan Bar demonstrates not only a knowledge of the dynamics of the local and regional economies, but also a vision of cooperation among the communities of Southeast that will rebound to the benefit of all. He strongly advocated, and indeed convinced many members (despite Ketchikan's long-held feelings of abandonment by Juneau), that retaining the Legislature in Juneau will advance the interests of the entire region. He has convinced me to vote to support Juneau. I urge each of your readers to vote for Bruce; not only for the work he has done in convincing other Southeast communities to support Juneau, but also because his vision of future regional cooperation will benefit Juneau, Ketchikan and all of Southeast.

Geoffrey G. Currall


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