Sad but not surprised

Posted: Tuesday, October 29, 2002

As I thumbed through Sunday's Empire, I was saddened but admittedly not surprised by the endorsement of Frank Murkowski. Why was I not surprised? Because your publisher continually fails to reflect the community he supposedly serves in the editorial pages. The publisher either doesn't get it or chooses not to, I suspect the latter.

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Fran Ulmer is an accurate reflection of our community. In addition, Ulmer has the vision, energy and problem-solving skills it is going to take to navigate our state through the challenges that lie ahead. Ulmer brings solid state experience and understands the issues at the state level because she's resided in the state for the past 29 years.

Frank Murkowski understands Washington, D.C. He should. He's been living there for the past 22 years. The most apparent gain we would get from a Murkowski administration is really a loss: 22 years of seniority in the U.S. Senate down the drain. His seniority is a loss a small state like Alaska can't afford. This would be like Utah's Orrin Hatch, Hawaii's Daniel Inouye or New Mexico's Pete Domenici throwing in the seniority towel.

Do what's best for Alaska. Vote Ulmer for governor.

Rebecca Nance Gamez


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