Anyone can be a MADD Mother

Posted: Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I'm writing as a MADD Mother. No, I'm not an angry woman: I'm a father of two children. It may surprise you to know Mothers Against Drunk Driving is made up of 65 percent men and 70 percent of MADD members are not direct victims of alcohol-related vehicle injuries. We are people who realize how serious driving drunk and underage drinking is.

I know first-hand the result of what drunk driving can do to family and friends. I have seen how minor consuming can destroy dreams and goals, often ending in tragedy. Our local chapter uses successfully proven tools in the prevention of drunk driving and underage drinking. But we need your support.

I encourage you to join the local chapter - membership is free. If you do not receive a form within the next two weeks please call 463-2562 or pull up

Joe Winders

President, MADD Juneau Chapter

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