Slow down at intersections

Posted: Wednesday, October 29, 2003

One accident leads to a fatality on an intersection near my apartment complex. I remember listening to the radio and heard the news that there was an accident on Mendenhall Loop road early in the morning. When the victim was a 10 year-old boy who was crossing the street got hit by a driver driving a truck, I was shocked and angry. The question I asked myself is why did it happen? Why are the pedestrians the target of fast drivers?

I've been driving on the same highway for the last eight years and I've seen drivers driving over the speed limit of 45 mph or more in a 40 mph zone. I've seen drivers drive 70 mph on the highway every morning on working days going around other cars just to see what kind of danger they put themselves in even their kids.

What's the point of making the streets safe when the intersections in this city aren't? Where are the police cars that monitor intersections at Mendenhall Loop Road, the intersection at the Mendenhall Post Office, intersection near the St. Paul's church or the intersection in downtown on 10th Street? I even hesitate to make a left turn at these intersections because when the light turns red on the other side, I'll see a car zoom by with no consideration that the light is red. I don't want to be the next victim.

I've only seen one police car monitor an intersection and that was near the hospital intersection. I wish I could see more police cars at the other intersections, or even pull over the maniac drivers who like to run the red lights at every intersection. I only have one message to these kinds of drivers: One driver made the mistake of beating the light and caused a fatality. I hope you don't do the same. When the light turns yellow or red before you approach have some consideration to let pedestrians cross the street, including kids going to school. Please slow down at interesections.

Reggie Cruz


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