Reject Ballot Measure 3

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, October 29, 2004

Unfair. Double unfair. Triple unfair. This isn't taking food out of a bear's mouth, but I believe even though bear baiting is unfair, the punishment would be too high if Ballot Measure No. 3 passed. Vote against Ballot Measure No. 3.

In my opinion, to be in jail for one year and a $10,000 fine for each violation is much too harsh. Garbage bears are known to locate garbage cans and bird feeders, even dog food meant for feeding pets. Keeping food from bears requires much persistence and unfortunately people tend to be careless, without intentionally baiting bears. Is this a reason to be put in prison?

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game would have a very hard time managing bear populations. Sometimes they use baiting to collar bears and help define the bears' territory. They sometimes need to do this to cage bears for relocation. Otherwise they would need to shoot bears. Do you want that? Worst of all, this ballot measure defines "feed" too broadly. People can get in trouble if a bear is attracted to dog food, which is meant to feed pets.

Bear baiting may be unfair, but the punishment is just too harsh. Vote no on Ballot Measure No. 3.

Ross Douglas

Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School


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