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Posted: Friday, October 29, 2004

... to Alaska Marine Lines

A huge thank you to Alaska Marine Lines for generously shipping quilts to Lutheran World Relief. These quilts and other supplies are donated to people in need in third world countries.

Many thanks go to Alaska Marine Lines employees and Susan Ashton.

Resurrection Lutheran Church

... to our soccer coaches

Juneau Parks and Recreation would like to say "Thank You" to all of the 2004 Youth Outdoor Soccer Coaches. We appreciate all the hard work and effort shown throughout the season. The program could not run so smoothly without all the wonderful volunteer coaches.

Youth Outdoor Soccer coaches: Don Ashe, Phao Nguyen, Sue Beckerman, Christy Odum, Jerry Bickmore, Matthew Odum, Roger Calloway, Peter Otsea, Liam Carnahan, Jim Parise, John Cayce, Scott Perkins, Kris Coffee, Susan Pollard, Thomas Fletcher, David Seid, Brian Goettler, Jim Sheufelt, Terry Gonwa, Mike Sigler, Brenna Heintz, Mark Smith, Keela Kelly, Darren Snyder, Mike Kelly, Tom Stewart, Bob Koerperich, Helen Tallmadge, Nat Lazzaretti, Sherry Tamone, David Lendrum, Joe Ver, Todd Luck, Rorie Watt, Martin McKeown, Jetta Whittaker, Krista Messing, John Newell, Joe Newman, and Tony Newman.

Juneau Parks and Recreation

... for helping clean up

I am writing this to thank all those involved with the recent Mt. Juneau cleanup. A concerned nonprofit organization called Trail Mix undertook the responsibility of cleaning up the Mount Juneau tram remains. With little financial backing, this organization strove to eradicate the eyesore even though it was on private land. James King, the executive director of Trail Mix, contacted the landowner and received permission to clean up the area. He rallied volunteers and State Parks employees for the grunt work for the clean up. King was able to persuade Coastal Helicopters to generously provide one hour of flight time for removing trash off the mountain. He contacted Alaska Electric Light and Power and received their kind donation for the use of the Salmon Creek access road along with drivers and trucks to haul the waste to the dump. At the dump, Waste Management accepted the trash at no charge. Mike's Refrigeration and Air Conditioning contributed their time at no charge to ensure appliances from the summit containing Freon were drained and certified not to cause additional harm to the environment. With the added support of local businesses and the state parks system employees, King was able to remove nearly 9,000 pounds of garbage in a single day. Plans to continue the removal of trash will resume next summer. I greatly appreciate this effort so that all future hikers can enjoy the pristine beauty of Mount Juneau without obstruction. Way to go!

Zack Huckstep


... for medical care

On Aug. 30, I took my husband to the Emergency Room in Juneau at Bartlett Regional Hospital and we found out that he had had a heart attack. Dr. Nandy Than, the SEARHC doctor on call, was very thorough and rushed the many tests they did on Bob while he was in the ER. We were treated so kindly by all the staff there and all of our family was allowed to go in and visit with Bob throughout the long night. The next thing we knew, he was being put into CCU and the very next day he was medivaced to the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage, where he remained for a week while they did more tests. The medivac team that cam down from Anchorage was kind enough to allow me to go along with my husband and they too were so helpful and professional towards us.

We would like to thank the wonderful staff at the ER at Bartlett Regional Hospital, the medivac team from Airlift Northwest who took such good care of Bob the whole trip to Anchorage. Thanks to the staff at Alaska Native Medical Center at Anchorage and to Dr. Sapin, the cardiologist who showed such kindness yet was very stern and professional with the outcome of the tests. Everyone showed such concern for both of us and we wanted to thank them all.

Without these kind folks who know what would have happened. We truly don't think they get enough thanks for a job well done. God bless each and every one of you.

Bob and Wilma Bennett


... for helping out

With the generous help of our fine Juneau businesses, the climbing festival extravaganza was a true success.

All the participants left with glowing praise and a renewed vigor to climb and enjoy the warmth of our community. All of our donors contribute to the prosperity of our town, as well as our climbing festival. All the participants and organizers of the climbing festival owe a debt of gratitude to the following friendly establishments of Juneau and beyond: Eaglecrest Ski Area, The Rock Dump, KTOO, Juneau Empire, Play it Again Sports, Chez Sante, Silverbow Bakery/Restaurant, Boarderline, Nugget Alaskan Outfitter, Eaglecrest Ski and Snowboard School, Foggy Mountain Shop, Red Humor Balloons, JRC, Pacific Outdoor Equipment, Brad Elfers of the Juneau Fly Fishing Co., Alaska Audio/Video. Ryan Johnson, the winner of Eaglecrest Season pass drawing would like to add a special thanks to: Gastineau Contractors, Chatham Electric and Lucid Reverie for providing the coveted prize.

Thanks again for providing such great prizes, the piece of my mind to give, and your needed presence.

Thank you, thank you. In addition, we at Zach Gordon Youth Center extend our thanks to the climbing community and the volunteers who pitched in and spread the word. You all rock.

Zach Gordon Youth Center

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