Watch this
A recent article in the New York Daily News highlighted the multiple firings over info sent via work e-mail addresses.

Perfect paper
Want to know the formula for creating an outstanding resume?

Under siege
If your office looks like a makeshift sick ward, you may want to spearhead a healthy office makeover of your own. As the flu season begins, germs can incubate and cause viruses at anytime.

Coeur made choices, has itself to blame
There is an old adage that a shortcut is the longest way between two points. Recent events seem to bare that out when it comes to Coeur Alaska's Kensington Mine. Coeur had the choice to do it right or try to cut corners.

Life-estate stock shares? Come, now
I almost fell over belly laughing when I received my latest correspondence from my regional Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act corporation. Life-estate stock shares to after-borns? Come on, now.

Lake belongs to the many, not the few
The people that are against personal watercraft on Auke Lake need to get a life and quit lying. All the years I've wake skated on that lake, I've seen no more than five to eight personal watercrafts at one time. And it seems to take a very nice day for people to bring them out.

Oppose aerial wolf shooting on canal
With all the attention on the Board of Game's proposal to open areas close to Pack Creek to brown bear hunting, another important issue has had little attention. Even the well-written Empire article of Oct. 20 missed the most important component of Proposal 40, which also is up before the Board of Game.

Metcalfe, explain jab at N. Dakota
Mr. Ray Metcalfe suggested in his Friday letter that anyone voting for either Tony Knowles or former Republican members of the state House or Senate should "move to North Dakota. That would raise the average IQ or both states."

Sound advice: Don't drink while pregnant
With numerous opportunities for parties and festivities during the upcoming holiday season, I would like to remind women of the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

Wanamaker's views win over new voter
I am a recently naturalized citizen who will be voting in November for the first time. I have given my choices a lot of thought, and I am going to vote for Randy Wanamaker for House District 4.

Build the road; it's the right thing to do
In September, my wife and I took the ferry from our home in Juneau to Haines and returned. Including the pickup and 23-foot camper, the cost of the ferry trip was $398. From the end of the Juneau road system to Haines is 45 miles. The fuel for the next 2,100 miles was $500.

Doll is best candidate for House District 4
Now is a very good time to vote for a change here in Juneau in the Alaska House District 4 race. I support Andrea Doll for this seat. Andrea is a compassionate, ethical, intelligent and effective leader.

Andrew Halcro can win governor's race
After the most recent gubernatorial debate, it's clear to me that Andrew Halcro is the best choice for governor.

Stop aerial pesticide, herbicide spraying
This is a follow-up letter to a previous letter that I wrote this spring. The issue is the aerial pesticide spraying of alders and salmonberries on Long Island in Southeast Alaska, proposed by Klukwan Inc.

Sandor, Urata honored by Juneau Chamber
A man who has lived a model American life was honored with the Juneau Chamber of Commerce's prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award Saturday evening.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Police & Fire
Reports from Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers.

Photo: Winter dusting
Ross Mercer sweeps dirt and dust from the roof above Wee Fishie Shoppe on Saturday at the Mendenhall Mall. Mt. McGinnis, freshly dusted with snow in recent storms, is in the background.

Ferries overlooked in campaigns
Forgotten highway: An aerial view of the Echo Cove area is seen May 15. Alaska's Marine Highway system, which has drawn criticism from residents who support a proposed road in the area, has been largely overlooked by

Seniors want longevity checks back
Senior citizens will consider financial security and affordable living when casting their ballots on Nov. 7, many long-time Alaskans have said.

Photo: Clear skies ahead
Low-lying fog covers the Mendenhall Valley floor as sunny skies develop over Juneau. Clear, cold weather will continue today with partly cloudy skies and a high of 38 degrees. Rain are snow showers are forecast for Monday.

City officials may stop fluoridation
Juneau's drinking water is fluoridated, but this could change if city officials decide to halt the operation of the controversial program.

Toe Toon

My turn: Alaskans own the gas; not Big Oil
We own Alaska's natural gas, and as owners it is up to us to make sure our gas gets to market. That means demanding performance from those who lease the rights to develop our resources.

Alaska editorial: Courts are wrong place to resolve education funding
Alaska's Constitution requires the state to provide "a system of public schools open to all children." Nowhere in the constitution does it say the courts are empowered to decide if teachers are paid enough money, if students are passing enough tests, or if legislators are giving school districts enough money per student.

My Turn: Rage over a 'foolish solution'
My passion was piqued recently when conversing with an ex-Juneau road builder who had contributed to the paving of Egan Highway, from the Glacier Highway cutoff at the valley McDonald's to Highland Drive.

Sarah Palin rides voter anger over corruption
Alaska's gubernatorial race hit the big time on Monday. It led the politics section of the Wall Street Journal under the headline, "Ethics tide aids one Republican."

Out & About
Out & About is a listing of recreational activities.

Hunting among the forces that shape duck behavior
There can't be very many towns in North America that have a sizable wetland and wildlife refuge right in their midsections. We have this extraordinary resource that is accessible to almost everyone and used in different ways by many folks - and by lots of wildlife.

Outsiders: Dave Kovach
Outsiders is a weekly profile in the Juneau Empire's Outdoors section.

Reflecting on a vanishing landmark
On bluebird days the cerulean hue inside a crevasse of the Mendenhall Glacier is so deep and rich it competes with the sun and the sky for brilliance. Not only is it beautiful to look at, a glacial crevasse offers a glimpse into the time capsule that is the belly of the glacier.

Crimson Bears show grit in wins over Kayhi
The Juneau-Douglas High School volleyball team showed some grit and toughness in a pair of victories over visiting Ketchikan this weekend.

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

JDHS girls wins regional swimming title
The defending state champion Juneau-Douglas High School girls swimming and diving team won the Southeast Conference championship Saturday in commanding fashion in Petersburg.

Subsistence a hot topic for candidates at Native convention
The Alaska Federation of Natives does not formally endorse gubernatorial candidates, but on Friday a packed crowd at its annual convention made it clear who they prefer.

AFN delegates call for improved public safety
Rural village public safety officers remain underpaid and overworked, conditions contributing to their falling numbers, officers said at the Alaska Federation of Natives convention.

Salons a treat for some attendees in Anchorage
Posters of glam girls and guys with sultry eyes and lush hair line the walls of JC Penney Salon. Health worker Marcia Aceveda of Kake, a Tlingit village about 100 air miles southwest of Juneau, didn't need anything that exotic. She was just happy not to have to cut off her own hair.

This Day in History
In Alaska, in the Nation and the World

Governor calls for session on state benefits
Gov. Frank Murkowski on Friday called a special session of the Legislature to determine how the state of Alaska should implement court-ordered benefits for same-sex domestic partners of state employees and retirees.

House contenders take turns at podium
The state's largest Alaska Native organization reversed a decision to bar the state's Democratic nominee for U.S. House from speaking at its annual convention.

FBI probe changes political landscape
Facts are hard to come by in the ongoing federal investigation into corruption in Alaska politics, but it has still managed to change the political landscape in the campaign for the Nov. 7 election.

Alaska Digest
Police arrested two men and a juvenile after a botched convenience-store burglary in Douglas, officials said Saturday.

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