Coeur made choices, has itself to blame

Posted: Sunday, October 29, 2006

There is an old adage that a shortcut is the longest way between two points. Recent events seem to bare that out when it comes to Coeur Alaska's Kensington Mine. Coeur had the choice to do it right or try to cut corners. Coeur chose to get its mine tailings re-classified as fill and planned to fill in Lower Slate Lake with mine waste. Meanwhile, Coeur also held a permit for dry tailings storage, which has since expired. That was Coeur's choice. Coeur made its own decisions and now wants to blame others when Coeur's choices hit a snag.

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While Coeur wishes to blame the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council for suing to uphold the Clean Water Act, the blame for this poorly planned debacle is Coeur's alone. And in trying to cast blame and find a scapegoat, they show themselves too cowardly to accept responsibility for their choices and actions.

Once we decide that corporate profits are worth more that clean water, then every business will want to ignore, bypass or subvert existing clean water laws to suit their own needs and bottom lines. You can imagine the outcome.

Coeur made its own choices, and it knew the risks its precedent-setting plans took.

Whatever the outcome of the 9th Circuit Court's decision on this matter, Coeur has nobody but itself to blame. It alone is responsible for the pickle it is in.

Joseph Sebastian


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