Metcalfe, explain jab at N. Dakota

Posted: Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mr. Ray Metcalfe suggested in his Friday letter that anyone voting for either Tony Knowles or former Republican members of the state House or Senate should "move to North Dakota. That would raise the average IQ or both states."

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Mr. Metcalfe should explain himself. Was this childish, inane little snippet that he directed at the people of the great state of North Dakota a result of a bad tummy ache he endured after pulling off the freeway on his trip through the state? Apparently, the fast-food burger wasn't prepared "(his) way." Did he have a hard time reading all the big words in those countless billboards off the highway? Or maybe he was disappointed that the 50-foot high Jamestown Buffalo was not a real, live bison. Actually, I would guess that he probably never set foot in North Dakota or spoke to anyone from that area.

Typical of a lot of small-time, wannabe politicos, he blunders and blusters about people and places he has never met or seen. His insipid comments about other people's IQs tell me everything I need to know about the Republican Moderate Party - a cerebral group of elitist thinkers - yeah, you betcha.

John T. Schwinghammer


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