Lake belongs to the many, not the few

Posted: Sunday, October 29, 2006

The people that are against personal watercraft on Auke Lake need to get a life and quit lying. All the years I've wake skated on that lake, I've seen no more than five to eight personal watercrafts at one time. And it seems to take a very nice day for people to bring them out. This summer, those kind of days were few and far between.

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This town has one freshwater lake that the public can use, and now the city might kowtow to a group of people that feel the lake has pristine status. "Pristine" is an adjective that means uncorrupted.

Has anyone noticed the roads at both ends, the houses at both ends, the university?

Let's not be two-faced, if we close the lake to personal water craft, then the houses need to go, the float planes need to go, the roads need to go.

There is one freshwater system in this town that the public can use to enjoy their watercraft and many freshwater systems around this town for the water fowl to use. People who are against personal watercraft need to realize the lake belongs to the public and not a few.

Doug Cooper


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