Andrew Halcro can win governor's race

Posted: Sunday, October 29, 2006

After the most recent gubernatorial debate, it's clear to me that Andrew Halcro is the best choice for governor.

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It's time for a creative, bipartisan approach to leadership and governing in this state. As evidenced by the results of Alaska's primary election, voters want a change. We are all tired of the same old political rhetoric, the same-old approaches. Halcro stands out as a breath of fresh air. He's intelligent, thoughtful and gives direct answers to questions. He's a leader.

I may not agree with him on all the issues, but I know he listens and has the intelligence to consider and analyze many viewpoints. Running as an independent, he doesn't have a long list of political favors due. He's not beholden to the three major industry task masters in this state - oil, tourism and commercial fishing. Maybe we'll get some new ideas, new people and new ways of looking at the issues in Alaska.

Look at his Web site. Read what he has to say. Think about it. If everyone who says they like him votes for him, he'll win. Have your vote count for someone, not as a vote of the lesser of two evils. Halcro can win.

Consider opening the windows in Juneau and letting in some fresh air. Vote Halcro.

Pat Walsh


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