Doll is best candidate for House District 4

Posted: Sunday, October 29, 2006

Now is a very good time to vote for a change here in Juneau in the Alaska House District 4 race. I support Andrea Doll for this seat. Andrea is a compassionate, ethical, intelligent and effective leader.

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Shortly after she and her husband, Bob, moved here, she successfully negotiated land for the expansion of the Alaska State Museum. At the time, she was president of the Friends of the Alaska State Museum, and I was their shop manager.

Since then, she has been a teacher here, a youth worker, a real estate salesperson and an active volunteer in many important groups in town. She is qualified and eager to serve. She has a huge volunteer organization, which is active in this community, and I feel she is the best candidate.

She also has the support of Juneau's two other Democrats - Rep. Beth Kerttula and Sen. Kim Elton. With three Democrats representing Juneau, we could see some significant changes in the way Juneau is treated in Alaska's Legislature. Their cooperation and strength could also help create a better climate for crucial decisions for all Alaskans this next year, including the natural gas pipeline, school and health care issues, state worker pay and retirement issues, to name a few.

The Republican majorities in state and national politics are likely to change Nov. 7. We can be a part of this important change by electing Doll to House District 4.

Marsha E. Bennett


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