Outsiders: Dave Kovach

Posted: Sunday, October 29, 2006

Age: 31.

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Occupation: teacher.

Favorite outdoor activities: hunting, fishing, kayaking, skiing, hockey.

What do you like about the Juneau outdoors: "There's such a variety of things to do. The weather can seem overwhelming at times, but if you make a point to really get out, put on a raincoat and get a little wet, you find that it's not really that bad (if you have a warm, dry place to come home to). There are countless trails, great hunting, fishing, dozens of cabins, backcountry skiing, Eaglecrest and the opportunity to get out kayaking on the water in some of the most scenic waterways on Earth. Any one of the things we have the opportunity to do on a given weekend might be the dream vacation of someone living outside of Alaska."

Cool experience: "The thing that stands out in my mind would be a few years back during one of the first really cold snaps in December where the temperature was down to 0. Mendenhall Lake froze over and because there was no snow or rain in the previous days, it was completely smooth. I went out there with my hockey gear and got on the ice and shot the puck in the direction of the glacier. The ice was so smooth the puck glided for what seemed like a quarter of a mile. I chased it down again and kept repeating this until I ended up at the face of the glacier about 15 minutes later. It was this really cool experience with the solitude of the setting and the scale of the natural surroundings. From a distance the glacier just looks like part of the landscape, but as you get closer and closer the immense size is overwhelming."

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