Fault for misleading mailer lies with Murkowski

Posted: Friday, October 29, 2010

I don't know how others felt, but I was shocked when I went to my mailbox recently and pulled out an expensive, full-color flyer from the official Murkowski campaign office in Anchorage. A big white-on-black banner headline proclaimed: "Alaskan Democrats Who Are Voting For Lisa Murkowski - And Not Scott McAdams."

The message of the mailer implied prominent Democrats were supporting our sitting U.S. Senator.

I knew the headline had to be an egregious and blatant lie - and it was.

The Murkowski camp is now falling all over itself saying it was an unfortunate mistake. The campaign somehow made the error, not the senator.

Two questions need to be asked and answered: Did Murkowski herself see and/or approve the statewide mailer before it was issued? If not, then who in the campaign did, indeed, give approval to run this very expensive and very misleading piece of propaganda without her ever having seen the final product?

I don't know. Having successfully run and been a part of 18 primary and general elections to represent this wonderful community in the state Legislature, I cannot recall ever having delegated the approval of major campaign-purchased ads or mailers to any person other than myself. That would be especially true during the final days of a campaign when after-the-fact corrections and apologies cannot possibly reach all the voters who received and were misled by the original message.

Here's another question. Think for a minute. Who in this election has run the most positive and up-front campaign for U.S. Senator? I'll give you a clue. His initials are SMcA.

Mike Miller


• Miller represented Juneau, and at times Skagway, Haines, and Klukwan, in the Alaska House of Representatives from 1971-1986, serving as Majority Leader twice and Minority Leader once. He is not related to Joe Miller.

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