Sticks and stones
Edwin Johnson chastised me in the editorial page of Monday's Empire. I don't think I ever met the man. Nonetheless, he infers a good bit about my character, saying I am "brainwashed." Presumably that's because he disagrees with my political views.

Careful thinker, open mind
Election day is fast approaching and those of us who live in Juneau District 4 have a big decision to make about who will fill Bill Hudson's shoes. I believe Bruce Weyhrauch is the best choice to represent us.

Weyhrauch supports fishermen
As commercial fishermen and long-time residents of Juneau, we support Bruce Weyhrauch for House District 4. For many years, Bruce has worked closely with Southeast Alaska's fisheries, representing various commercial fleets before Alaska's Legislature, with federal agencies, and in the court system.

Don't let fear rule
The word "vote" is derived from an Old English word meaning "vow." Voting should be as sacred and important as a vow. It is a promise, a trust, a personal and private matter. Your vote is a sacred thing; it is not a strategic "move" or a pawn.

No friend of Saddam
I'm writing to reply to a letter concerning my brief 1990 visit with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein (Images and Action, Oct. 23). In spring 1990, as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I and four other U.S. senators were on a tour of Mideast nations attempting to gauge the possibilities for Mideast peace. In Egypt, President Hosni Mubarak urged us to change our plans and meet with Hussein in Iraq.

Reelection earned
I have been reading the editorials lately with keen interest. I will throw my support behind Sen. Kim Elton. Here are my reasons. Sen. Kim Elton is a team player. He and Beth Kerttula have worked as a team and have done well for Juneau. Anyone paying attention during the last legislative session can remember the Legislature was a nightmare.

A reasonable voice
In my classroom, we don't use "putdowns." Instead, we offer "appreciations" or compliments for a classmate's work or effort. It's a pity that similar rules don't apply to state election campaigns. This time of year is ripe with smears, insinuations and other innuendoes.

Time to bring Alaskans together
Are the Republicans that desperate to stay in Juneau behind their closed-door meetings that they yet again need to turn elections into an ugly array of attack ads?

Crab harvesters are for Bruce
We members of the largest association of Bering Sea crab harvesters are writing in support of Bruce Weyhrauch in his bid for Alaska Legislature. Bruce is very well qualified for this position and will make a great legislator. He is very familiar with legislative process, and has worked with us on legislative matters for more than a decade.

Behind the scenes
Well, I've now seen it all. Gail Phillips has come out against ballot proposition 3, despite the benefits it holds for Alaskans.

Stuck with the bill
I would like to thank the people who just voted to raise my property taxes. I am willing to bet that the Bond Proposition 1 was passed by a small number of voters who will have no property tax bill due at the end of next September.

Fran - for these reasons
Here's why this Republican, former state legislator and lieutenant governor is supporting Fran Ulmer for governor: She has a 28-year record of accomplishment and dedicated service to all Alaskans.

The problem doesn't exist
It was with interest that I read the excellent My Turn in Sunday's paper about the new push by our dog cop unit to leash all dogs on Juneau's trails and parks. My reaction was one of what brought this on? Is there really a problem here?

Effective senator
It's not often you find someone who understands both the business world and government, but Juneau found that person in Sen. Kim Elton. He proved he knows how the two work together when he was executive director of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.

Politician and role model
Having grown up in Alaska and spent part of that time in Juneau working in the Legislature, I like to follow the ongoing issues facing Alaska. With the governor race I find two qualified candidates, however uniquely qualified in different ways. I have never met Sen. Murkowski so I cannot speak to potential as the governor.

We can and we must
Last week while in Anchorage, I had the opportunity to attend two gubernatorial debates and watch a third on television. I've paid close attention to the campaign, but one thing came through far more clearly at the debates than it does in the news coverage.

Tools for success
As a student and a voter in the state of Alaska, I support Bruce Weyhrauch in his campaign for representative. I had the privilege of working for him over the summer a few years ago, where I witnessed his passion for education and his desire to equip students, such as myself, with the skills of the working world.

Alaska needs more Democrats
On Nov. 5, voters have a chance to choose our governor and Legislature. I want you to carefully think who you are going to vote for. We have a very good candidate for governor, Fran Ulmer. She's smart on Alaska's issues, she has a lot of experience, and she has shown she could take the job as the leader of our state. In Juneau, you also have Beth Kerttula and Tim Grussendorf who want to serve you in the House of Representatives. I hope both candidates will win in the election.

Rare leadership
Juneau is lucky this year. We have two really qualified people running for the state Senate. They both know our community; they've both served on the Assembly; they both have businesses and families here in the capital.

Platitudes or a plan?
I've watched gubernatorial debates and seen political ads. Contrary to Murkowski's posturing, Ulmer set forth a July 31 written plan for growing Alaska's economy, calling for: developing Alaska's natural resources more effectively, diversifying the economy, creating a stable climate for investment (a fiscal plan), investing in Alaska's infrastructure (ports, roads, airports, etc.), and making further investments in education and training.

A governor should listen
In 1995 Sen. Murkowski introduced a bill that would have made logging the dominant use of the Tongass and required the Forest Service to provide 2,400 timber jobs no matter what the cost to others who depend on the Tongass, like fishermen, tourism and recreation businesses, and hunters.

Demonstrated commitment
We would like to express our support of Bruce Weyhrauch in his campaign to become a state representative.

Continuing the legacy
I've known Bruce Weyhrauch for many years as my friend and as the attorney for the Alaska Southeast Pilots Association. As a Southeast Alaska Marine pilot for 24 years, I've been involved in many issues that were debated in our Legislature.

Ulmer always listens
In February 2000, Let's Vote! Alaska was Fran Ulmer's answer to a 36 percent voter turn-out rate among 18-24-year-olds in the 1996 general election.

Politicians want roads
Roads, roads, roads. Whenever you pick up a newspaper, you see a politician promising roads. It's the same when you watch TV or listen to the radio. It's very clear that the politicians want more roads. It's also very clear that it's motivated by politicians and not by the people.

Principled public servants
A vote for Kim Elton and Beth Kerttula is a vote for sound and balanced wildlife policy.

Bruce understands what balance is
I've had the good fortune of knowing Bruce Weyhrauch for some time now. Bruce is a solid choice to replace Rep. Hudson for House District 4. Bruce is sensitive and knowledgeable to the needs of small businesses yet understands the role and importance of government in the community.

Frank made lasting impression
I recently attended a Murkowski fund-raiser where I witnessed Sen. Murkowski interact with a young lady in the audience, who was there with her mother to view first-hand, for her civics class, what happens during a campaign rally.

Environmentalists, drugs, Fran
Having served in the cabinets of Gov. Hickel and Gov. Hammond, I worked with Murkowski and Ulmer. I well remember the differences between the administrations and their philosophies. The Hammond administration was the beginning of a liberal attitude in state government.

No on 2; yes for Cathy
An often-used phrase tells us that all politics is local. It might also be said that all politics is personal. No less important than party affiliation, seniority and legislative skills are the personal relationships among legislators that engender understanding, collaboration and accomplishment.

Show your support
I have known Cathy Muñoz all of my life. She is a hard worker, nice person, and a strong supporter of youth activities who has done a lot for the city of Juneau. I have helped Cathy in her campaign by delivering and putting up yard signs.

Honesty, integrity, compassion
I regret that I cannot vote for Bruce Weyhrauch for House District 4, Juneau. I just happen to live in a different District.

Big tobacco's deadly influence
As election day approaches, our future elected officials are staking out their stand on issues that will be important to us all. One issue that I'm concerned about is protecting kids from big tobacco.

Protect your rights
Please vote. Decide right now, that you will not miss any more opportunities to vote, it is crucial that you vote on Nov. 5 or by fax or absentee ballot any time before Nov. 5. Protect your rights.

Unfailingly polite, respectful
As a resident of Juneau since 1985, I've watched legislators come and go, work hard and hardly work. I can say, without hesitation, that Sen. Kim Elton is one of the hardest working, most dedicated, and most caring ones with whom I've had the pleasure to interact.

Required by law
This is a reply to a letter from Marge Morrow of Anchor Point that appeared in the Empire on Oct. 28. The 2002 Official Election Pamphlet was printed out of state because a Salem, Ore., firm was the lowest responsive bidder.

Astute management
Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer's bid for governor brings to this race one of the most qualified persons to ever seek this office. In her career as legal counsel to the Legislature, assistant to the governor, mayor of Juneau, state representative, and lieutenant governor, she demonstrated her outstanding ability to bring all parties to the table for resolution of differing opinions and realistic compromise.

Fisherman's friend
I am a second generation Juneau commercial fisherman and I am casting my vote for Bruce Weyhrauch. Over the last 15 years, I've had the privilege of representing Juneau fishermen by serving on the Board of Directors of the Alaska Trollers Association and the Juneau-Douglas Fish and Game Advisory Committee.

Record of results
Sen. Kim Elton's opponent says that Juneau needs a senator who can work with members of both parties. I agree. That is precisely why I am voting to re-elect Sen. Elton to the state Senate.

For the future of Juneau
I am writing on behalf of Cathy Muñoz for Senate. Over a year ago I met Cathy at a luncheon, and found out she was on the Assembly. I approached her immediately and told her if she ever decided to run for Senate that I would support her in any way I could.

Honesty, knowledge
As the owner of a small seafood processing business, I have worked with Bruce Weyhrauch for the last several years. I am impressed with his honesty and his knowledge of how Southeast Alaska's commercial fishing economy works, as well as his interest in Alaska's well-being.

Sad but not surprised
As I thumbed through Sunday's Empire, I was saddened but admittedly not surprised by the endorsement of Frank Murkowski. Why was I not surprised? Because your publisher continually fails to reflect the community he supposedly serves in the editorial pages. The publisher either doesn't get it or chooses not to, I suspect the latter.

Ready to debate
On Sunday I was asked to enter into a debate with Sen. Frank Murkowski and Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer by Dan Saddler at Bartlett High School in Anchorage Thursday. This was at 7 p.m. and around midnight he called me back and said that the leading candidates for governor would not allow the other governor candidates to debate, treating us like we were second-class citizens.

Vision of cooperation
Juneau and Ketchikan, and Southeast in general, will be well served if Bruce Weyhrauch is elected to the Legislature.

Schools need Proposition C
I am writing in support of Proposition C. Proposition C would help fund needed educational facilities expenses. Money for these projects will not come just from Proposition C, but also from other sources, including the local school districts, but these important projects cannot be completed without this support.

Intelligent representation
Last night on the KTOO debates, Cathy Muñoz endorsed Frank Murkowski for governor. Voters in Juneau who vote for Fran Ulmer as governor hopefully will not be voting for Cathy Muñoz.

Candidate with backbone
We all have our own way of divining whom we will vote for. Pet issues, campaign promises, flyers we get in the mail, opinions of trusted friends, all of these play their part. But how well do we know these people? Probably not well enough.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Downtown gets new sewer line
A new sewer line floating along the downtown waterfront should begin to disappear from sight today.Workers planned to sink the 4,440-foot-long, high-density polyethylene main today, according to city Public Works Director Joe Buck.

Forecasts continue to call for fog
JUNEAU - Juneau will see some fog in the days ahead, but it should be less dense, according the National Weather Service."We're looking for it to become less widespread and ... more patchy," meteorologist Michael Mitchell said. "It should be here most nights from here on out."

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Local and state Briefs
Fog stalls air traffic in Juneau - again; Company withdraws proposal to use trail at Brotherhood Bridge; Mayor assigns members to committees; Wasilla woman sentenced in son's arson death; Husband shoots wife, tries to kill himself

Photo: North Douglas firewood
Jane Terry lifts a cut tree as she and Peter Cross cut and collect firewood along North Douglas Highway near False Outer Point on Monday. The roadside trees have been cut for an AEL&P project, and Terry and Cross were making use of the downed and free wood.

Police say rapist may have known his victim
Police say an alleged sexual assault over the weekend in the Mendenhall Valley probably was committed by someone who knew the woman."There were no signs of a break-in at the home ... although he could have gotten in through an unlocked door or window," said Capt. Tom Porter. "From information we received from the woman's boyfriend, it may have been an acquaintance of his.

Assembly to hold off on stream buffer changes
Juneau Assembly members on Monday unanimously decided not to include changes to stream-buffer rules in an amendment to the city's comprehensive plan, deciding instead to tackle the issue later.City Community Development Director Dale Pernula suggested the Assembly remove language that specified requested changes in the code governing development near streams and lakes. Instead, the comprehensive plan amendment would direct the city to "consider" making changes.

Juneau's spookiest house?
Brad, Carol, Kate and Lyman Austin live at quite possibly the spookiest address in Juneau.Their modest house lies down a winding, secluded driveway at 8001 Gladstone, where 11 tombstones poke jaggedly from the moss and elaborately costumed, life-sized spooks creep through the foggy woods.

JDHS teacher hopes breakfasts will lead to test success
In addition to filling her students' heads with knowledge, Juneau-Douglas High School teacher Barb Bonner spent part of this week filling their stomachs with breakfast."It's always great when Ms. Bonner cooks," said Corey Dayton, a junior in the Choosing Healthy Options in Cooperative Education, or CHOICE, program, where Bonner teaches English. He and other CHOICE students feasted on a breakfast of sausage, eggs and pancakes this morning before taking the final portion of the three-day high school exit exam.

Due to an editor's error, a headline on a Monday Empire article gave an incorrect age for an alleged rape victim in the Mendenhall Valley.

Photo fair scheduled
Students in grades K-8 can learn more about the art of photography from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 2,during a Photo Fair.

Help sought to cover family's funeral expenses for Juneau toddler
After a two-year battle for the life of her daughter, Linda Wilson is now struggling with the costs of her daughter's funeral.Juneau toddler Victoria Wilson died Oct. 21 of graft versus host disease, a result of complications in a bone marrow transplant she received at the end of August.

Pets of the week
Moose is a neutered male Malamute mix, mellow and eager to please. He is housebroken, bright and easy to train. Calico is a cuddly furball who is sweet and affectionate. Calico has been spayed and her front paws are declawed.

Thank you
...for the help; ...for the generosity.

Central Council receives more than $3 million in training funds
The Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (CCTHITA) Vocational Training and Resource Center (VTRC) has been awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Education/Office of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Photo: Jack-o-lantern carvers
Amanda Bicknell, 4, Alicia Arehart, 10, Christina Arehart, 4, Jacob Bicknell, 6, and Zachary Bicknell, 8, show off their carved pumpkins at Brigadoon Estates earlier this month.

CCS planning construction of new adult day facility in Juneau
Family of senior citizens needing assistance and a safe place to spend their day can have peace of mind and time for themselves, thanks to Juneau's adult day program called "The Bridge." According to Gail Perez, program supervisor, "The Bridge" is comitted to helping senior citizens remain at home for as long as possible and keeping their family caregivers healthy.

Lois L. Weeks
Juneau resident Lois L. Weeks, 71, died Oct. 22, 2002, at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Ervin E. Hagerup
Former Juneau resident Ervin E. Hagerup, 87, died Oct. 4, 2002, at Overlake Hospital Medical Center in Bellevue, Wash.

Leah Comer Beck
Leah Comer Beck died Oct. 23, 2002, at Mount Edgecumbe Hospital in Sitka.

Ramona 'Dolly' Nicklie McVay
Ramona "Dolly" Nicklie McVay died Oct. 28, 2002, in her home in Port Angeles, Wash. Services will be held at 5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 2, in Sitka at the Salvation Army Hall.

My Turn: Fishermen, communities in peril
When I came home to Cordova from commercial fishing Bristol Bay this summer I felt like I'd walked back into Naknek the fall of 1997. Naknek was the place I'd loved and called home for 19 years and summers before that. After a severe run failure in the Kvichak (a return on only 8 percent of the forecasted run), we were scared, desperate. Was our community going to have the resources to fund our schools, clinic, and public safety? Were we going to be able to pay our bills, heat our homes, and feed our children? Were the related domestic violence and substance abuse going to destroy us? It was a horrible time.

My Turn: Now is the time for a changing of the guard
The Old Guard congressional delegation of Ted Stevens, Don Young and Frank Murkowski, have long been in office, primarily, through the latter quarter of the 20th century, but a new century, now, calls for the changing of the guard. The Old Guard still goes by the Pax Americana ethos of overwhelming power and domination, but the world cannot bear the consequences of such an ideology from any huge power.

My Turn: Why Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer is the best choice for governor
I won't take a back seat to anyone when it comes to promoting the development of Alaska's natural resources. The Alaska AFL-CIO, an organization representing 60,000 Alaskans, also doesn't play second fiddle to any individual or organization when it comes to supporting and promoting good jobs and a strong economy for Alaskans. So I must take exception with the opinions of my good friend and colleague, Jerry Hood, regarding the condition of our state's economy and with regard to which candidate for governor is best qualified to address the challenges and opportunities for Alaska.

Empire editorial: Kerttula for District 3 House seat
Republican challenger Mike Race is making his third run at besting Democratic incumbent Beth Kerttula for the House District 3 seat. The district, traditionally a Democratic stronghold, encompasses downtown Juneau, Douglas, Lemon Creek and the Juneau airport area.

Empire editorial: Weyhrauch for House District 4
The Juneau House District 4 race pits two very motivated, experienced, honorable, hard-working family men against each other.

Sports in Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

JYFL hands out post-season honors
JUNEAU - The Juneau Youth Football League held its lower divisions (PeeWee, Junior, and Senior divisions) award ceremony last Sunday at Centennial Hall.

Carlos Boozer's big night
When former Juneau-Douglas High School basketball star Carlos Boozer Jr. makes his NBA debut tonight, it will be coming off the bench as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers' "Kiddie Corps."Boozer, a 6-foot-8, 258-pound rookie power forward out of Duke University and Cleveland's top second-round pick in June's NBA Draft, will become just the second former Alaska high school player to play in the NBA.

Juneau hosts All-Comers volleyball tourney
JUNEAU - Juneau-Douglas High School will host the annual All-Comers Volleyball Tournament on Friday and Saturday, and nearly 20 teams from at least nine Southeast communities are expected to play.

Opening fright: Kings demolish Cavs
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The Sacramento Kings didn't get too excited about the best defensive performance in Arco Arena history. After all, it was only the first game of the season - and the opponent was Cleveland.Peja Stojakovic scored 17 points and Chris Webber had 14 rebounds as the Kings opened a season of great expectations with a 94-67 victory over the Cavaliers on Tuesday night.

Sports in Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

To many Alaskans, 'environmentalist' is a pejorative term
Harry Crawford is an ironworker with a deep-fried Southern drawl and pro-union politics. It is difficult to imagine him hugging a tree. But Crawford, an incumbent state representative from East Anchorage, is spending much of his re-election effort trying to convince voters that he is not bent on trying to stifle development in Alaska.

Rahoi launches write-in campaign against Whitaker
FAIRBANKS - State representative Jim Whitaker will have some competition in next week's election. Fairbanks octogenarian and perennial candidate Urban Rahoi has filed to run as a write-in candidate against Whitaker in his bid for re-election to the Alaska House representing Fairbanks.

Four try long-shot chance to be governor
Small parties have played a large role in some of Alaska's gubernatorial elections. But a batch of minor-party candidates isn't expected to make such a splash this year, said one political science professor.Republican Frank Murkowski and Democrat Fran Ulmer have monopolized the political energy this year and no small-party candidate appears to have the steam to draw a lot of votes, said Jerry McBeath of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Safety program helps with pilot's rescue
ANCHORAGE - A pilot who crashed Monday night in Southwest Alaska was located with the help of a new Federal Aviation Administration regional safety program.FAA managers say the rescue of Grant Aviation pilot Erick Gutierrez was the first save in its Capstone program.

Murkowski campaign dismisses column as speculation
Republican Sen. Frank Murkowski dismissed a report that Teamster official Jerry Hood would be a possible replacement to fill his U.S. Senate term if he's elected governor.A Murkowski spokesman said the senator has not made a decision and disputed a Sunday Chicago Sun-Times column by conservative pundit Robert Novak.

Ted Stevens faces four small-party candidates in race for Senate seat
None of the four candidates running against U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens for his seat in Congress has held elected office prior to running against the 34-year incumbent, but all claim they would better represent Alaska's interests.Stevens, the fifth-ranking member of the U.S. Senate, serves as ranking member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and sits on the Senate Rules Committee and the Senate Commerce Committee, which oversees fisheries, oceans, aviation and technology issues. His positions have brought tens of millions in federal funds into the state.

Ice artists go into sculpture business
FAIRBANKS - As if six months of frozen fingers aren't enough, two local artists want to make ice sculpting a year-round art form.Heather Brown and Steve Brice, who have worked side by side in the World Ice Art Championships and decorated the city with outdoor ice art for years, have joined to create indoor ice sculptures for parties, weddings, conventions and banquets.

Kids Vote OKs treasurer's repayment of missing funds
After being confronted by members of his board and their lawyer, the treasurer of a local nonprofit organization admitted pocketing more than $2,000 from the group's bank account and paid back the money. The board's decision to allow the 23-year-old man to repay the funds to Kids Voting USA and not to report the incident to the police prompted two board members to resign in protest.

Murkowski touts McCovey field to close fiscal gap
ANCHORAGE - As part of his plan to close the state's fiscal gap, Republican candidate for governor Frank Murkowski is touting what he says is a new North Slope oil field that could pump hundreds of millions of dollars into the state treasury within the next few years. "It's a field we hope will come in with as much as 300,000 barrels a day and which would provide the state with as much as $400 million a year by 2006," Murkowski told a statewide television audience from Fairbanks last week.

State Briefs
Weather contributes to traffic accidents; Senate candidates win endorsements; Kids trick or treat for UNICEF; Two people killed in Seward Highway crash; Vintage plane crash-lands in Fairbanks; Strong winds cause damage in South Anchorage;

Ulmer protests ads attacking record
ANCHORAGE - Republican political advertisements blasting Fran Ulmer for actions as a legislator distort her record and attempt to mislead voters, Ulmer said Monday.Ulmer, the Democratic nominee for governor, said the ads are designed to distract voters from a central issue of the campaign - the gap between state earnings and spending.

Canadian group begins farmed salmon boycott
VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Chefs, scientists, fishing interests and conservation groups have begun a campaign to boycott farm-raised salmon from British Columbia. The campaign could aid Alaska's ongoing effort to market wild salmon, which has lost much of its market share to farmed fish.

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