Palin is a candidate you can trust

Posted: Monday, October 30, 2006

I've been hearing a lot about experience lately. The idea seems to be that we need an experienced politician for our next governor. Looking at the mess our country is in today, and the experienced politicians who made that mess, we see that the wrong kind of experience is bad.

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We had an experienced governor in Tony Knowles, and he ran up huge deficits that decimated our Constitutional Budget Reserve. Then he proposed tapping our permanent fund. We had an experienced governor in Frank Murkowski, and he managed to spend almost all of our recent windfall from the high oil prices. With oil prices falling, we can't afford another politician with that kind of experience.

Gov. Knowles had two terms, and the oil companies never talked to him about a gas line at all. Gov. Murkowski negotiated a gas line deal with the oil companies in one term, but with all of his experience, no one trusted him enough to approve the deal.

This time, I'm going to vote for a governor with the right kind of experience, a governor I can trust. I hope you will join me in voting for Sarah Palin.

Nels Tomlinson


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