Lemon Creek perfect home for Capital creeps

Posted: Tuesday, October 30, 2007

With the recent FBI indictments, trials, and convictions of our lawmakers, the phrase "capital creep" is starting to take on multiple meanings.

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First, there is the obvious notion that some legislators, having sold their loyalties at bargain-basement prices, are indeed creeps.

But it is the inexorable, piecemeal creep of the capital city northward that is most troubling to those of us who live here on purpose.

Where the capital should be located has been a chronic, festering issue statewide, especially in Anchorage and the Mat-Su area. Juneau's efforts to anchor a Capitol on Telephone Hill, and put a halt to the controversy, ended with the wholesale ridicule of the proposed glassy and gaudy structure, despite the apparent effort toward a more "transparent" government.

It seems to me we are missing an opportunity by not taking advantage of the infrastructure we already have in place here. Instead of moving to Wasilla or Anchorage or wherever, at monstrous expense, the Capitol only needs to creep north about five or six miles to the Lemon Creek valley, where a state-of-the-art facility is already in place to house the legislature.

The iron gate and the razor wire will protect our lawmakers from most lobbyists, experienced staff is already in place to protect them from each other and the lack of a cozy late-night bar will ensure they get plenty of rest. The best part is, some of them have already started moving in.

Given the FBI's continuing work, we can expect a quorum there soon.

This should free up a lot of parking downtown too.

Larry Edfelt

Auke Bay

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