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Posted: Wednesday, October 31, 2001

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I would like to thank the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for all of their hard work to protect salmon and trout streams at the golf course. Way to go Fish and Game!

Sara Keeney

Trick or treaters are always welcome at our house. We'll leave the jack-o-lantern on for you.

The Bausler Family, Douglas

Last night my sister was treated by the Capital City Fire and Rescue paramedics. Before they took her to the emergency room, I'd like to thank the paramedics for doing such a wonderful job with my sister. Also I'd like to thank Dr. Thompson in the emergency room for trying to answer all the questions our family was asking him. He was great to us.

Denise Grimm

We do not need a clear-cut on North Douglas like the one we have behind Fred Meyer. I hope the city and the Department of Fish and Game take a good hard look before summoning land for the golf course. The pesticides they will be using won't be healthy for people who use Peterson Creek for drinking water, or for the salmon that swim there.

Katya Kirsch

Last night somebody hit and killed my kitten in Churchill Court. To whoever did it (and you know who you are), the least you could have done was come up and told us instead of driving off and letting the neighborhood kids find him. That is pretty low!

Alicia Carson

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