Business Profile: Tana Kegler
Title and Company: Owner and framer, Art Matters Art Matters offers full-service custom matting and framing of prints and original art, mirrors, and shadow boxes, which is the framing and matting of three-dimensional objects. The store is located in the Perseverance Glass Co., which is owned by Kegler's husband, Russell. Kegler and her husband opened the frame shop in 1999.

New Greens Creek exec takes over
Keith Marshall, former general manager of the Greens Creek Mine, has relocated to London to serve as the mining executive for the Diamonds & Gold Product Group of Rio Tinto. Marshall, who joined Rio Tinto in 1991, spent four years as a temporary employee of Kennecott Mineral.

Home-buying still strong in months before Ballot Measure 2
When Steve and Robin Martin decided earlier this year they had outgrown their house in the Mendenhall Valley, the advantages of a larger, custom-built home near Auke Lake outweighed the threat of a legislative move."We like Juneau and we're planning on staying here for a while," Robin Martin said.

SBDC to hold marketing seminar
The Juneau Small Business Development Center will host a seminar "Marketing on a Shoestring" from 6 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 6.

Small-business nominations sought
ANCHORAGE - The U.S. Small Business Administration is seeking nominations for the 2003 Alaskan Small Business Person of the Year award and other awards."Owning a small business is a great American dream," said Frank Cox, SBA's director in Alaska in a statement. "Nominating a worthy small business owner is an opportunity for all of us to acknowledge with pride and gratitude the contributions made by America's small business community to our nation's economic strength and quality of life."

Food cart sees change of ownership and cuisine
The change of season brought about a change in ownership and cuisine for A Moveable Feast, the two food carts on the corner of Third and Seward streets in downtown Juneau.Joon Kim, also known as James, bought A Moveable Feast on Aug. 1, and has been serving udon, a Japanese noodle soup, from one of the carts since the beginning of September.

Actions speak the loudest
Last Friday, I was privileged enough to watch history occur. I am referring to the first entirely student-sponsored gubernatorial debate in U.S. history. The Alaska Association of Student Governments and Spirit of Youth-cosponsored debate occurred at Bartlett High School in Anchorage and was broadcast live, statewide by KTOO TV.

Alaska needs more Democrats
On Nov. 5, voters have a chance to choose our governor and Legislature. I want you to carefully think who you are going to vote for. We have a very good candidate for governor, Fran Ulmer. She's smart on Alaska's issues, she has a lot of experience, and she has shown she could take the job as the leader of our state. In Juneau, you also have Beth Kerttula and Tim Grussendorf who want to serve you in the House of Representatives. I hope both candidates will win in the election.

Principled public servants
A vote for Kim Elton and Beth Kerttula is a vote for sound and balanced wildlife policy.

A real leader
When my work takes me to the capitol building, I am always glad when I reach Sen. Kim Elton's office.

Behind the scenes
Well, I've now seen it all. Gail Phillips has come out against ballot proposition 3, despite the benefits it holds for Alaskans.

Challenge the rules
As a young person who attended the Spirit of Youth gubernatorial debate at Bartlett the other day, I want to express my appreciation to Sen. Murkowski for standing up for the inclusion of other candidates.

Out of the mainstream
On election day, Juneau voters have a great opportunity to lift their community's presence in the Alaska Senate by electing Cathy Muñoz. Cathy is the only candidate in that race who can claim to be a consensus-building moderate capable of working with other Southeast legislators in Juneau's interest.

Fisherman's friend
I am a second generation Juneau commercial fisherman and I am casting my vote for Bruce Weyhrauch. Over the last 15 years, I've had the privilege of representing Juneau fishermen by serving on the Board of Directors of the Alaska Trollers Association and the Juneau-Douglas Fish and Game Advisory Committee.

Eleven and voting
I'm 11 and I'm going to the polls on Nov. 5 to vote in the Kids Vote. Kids Vote is a program that is trying to secure the future democracy by educating and involving youth in the election process.

UAS needs Elton
UAS is really lucky to have Sen. Elton in the Legislature. He's always supported funding UA at the regent's request funding level, and got money for the new recreation center.

Honesty, integrity, compassion
I regret that I cannot vote for Bruce Weyhrauch for House District 4, Juneau. I just happen to live in a different District.

Character and performance
I will vote for Kim Elton on Nov. 5. I am not in the habit of writing letters to the editor or declaring my political preference. In fact, in my 21 years in Southeast Alaska, I have voted for Republicans and Democrats. On what basis do I choose whom to vote for?

No on 2; yes for Cathy
An often-used phrase tells us that all politics is local. It might also be said that all politics is personal. No less important than party affiliation, seniority and legislative skills are the personal relationships among legislators that engender understanding, collaboration and accomplishment.

Why settle for less?
I am writing this as a person who has known Kim Elton professionally and personally for nearly 20 years. I am an Alaska voter who is presently in California taking care of family medical needs but I have been following some of the comments of those who say Kim has been ineffective as a state legislator and feel I must respond from my experience.

Demonstrated commitment
We would like to express our support of Bruce Weyhrauch in his campaign to become a state representative.

With dignity and respect
A few years ago, at a Juneau Chamber of Commerce luncheon debate regarding the growth and management of Juneau's tourism industry, a local political activist asked the question "How many jobs does Juneau need anyway?" Since I knew this person to be an avid Democrat supporter, I contacted several key Juneau Democratic officials and asked if they agreed that Juneau did not need more job opportunities.

Effective senator
It's not often you find someone who understands both the business world and government, but Juneau found that person in Sen. Kim Elton. He proved he knows how the two work together when he was executive director of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.

Most ludicrous charge yet
Former Commissioner of Public Safety Richard Burton claims that on his watch state employees were dealing drugs out of state offices 30 years ago. If so, he was derelict in his duty to find the criminals and arrest them.

Reelection earned
I have been reading the editorials lately with keen interest. I will throw my support behind Sen. Kim Elton. Here are my reasons. Sen. Kim Elton is a team player. He and Beth Kerttula have worked as a team and have done well for Juneau. Anyone paying attention during the last legislative session can remember the Legislature was a nightmare.

Thoughtful editorial
Thank you for your thoughtful and realistic editorial on Sunday. Your endorsement of Murkowski for governor is called reality.

Personalities and politics
I'm supporting Sen. Kim Elton because of his strong support for education, veterans and a long-term fiscal plan. Cathy Muñoz is a terrific person, but one must separate personalities from politics.

Avoiding Fran
Frank Murkowski is afraid to debate Fran Ulmer on a one-on-one basis! An article in the Anchorage Daily News, (Oct. 26), and a televised debate at the AFN convention makes it very clear.

Separating Ulmer from Knowles
Although I hated Tony Knowles as governor, I'm voting for Fran Ulmer. If you, like me, had been a small commercial fisherman but did not partake in the windfall of Individual Fishing Quotas, you have had a tough time. In fact, while Mr. Knowles was governor the salmon industry has been experiencing one disastrous season after another.

Ineffective majority
I could go on at length about the principled, caring and effective leadership that Sen. Elton has proven over his 12 years in public service as Juneau's Assemblyman, state representative and senator, but I would prefer to speak to a very strange myth that seems to permeate the legislative races.

Time to pull together
Donn Liston's letter Friday supporting Bruce Weyhrauch was more an attack on Sitka than anything else. His reference to a judge (who dismissed his case because of a lack of merit) as being from "backwater" Sitka is shocking.

Elton delivers for Juneau
How lucky can a teacher get? In Juneau's Senate race there are two strong advocates for education running to represent us. Both have strong Assembly records supporting our schools. Both have shown a willingness to get involved and improve our schools, the building block of our future, our economy and our community.

Crude daytime radio
I threw away my first draft of this letter because I decided that those folks that listen to Rush Limbaugh wouldn't be affected at all by my negative comments about the guy, nor would they understand my embarrassment at living in a community that airs him 15 hours a week.

Tough, brave, committed
I went to Alaska straight after college and lived there for 12 blessed years, and I will never lose my sense of awe of the place. I still say that Juneau, on a sunny day, is a large part of heaven.

For the future of Juneau
I am writing on behalf of Cathy Muñoz for Senate. Over a year ago I met Cathy at a luncheon, and found out she was on the Assembly. I approached her immediately and told her if she ever decided to run for Senate that I would support her in any way I could.

If Juneau had a road
Access to Juneau has been severely affected by the recent fog. Both airplane flights and ferry service has been hampered.

Required by law
This is a reply to a letter from Marge Morrow of Anchor Point that appeared in the Empire on Oct. 28. The 2002 Official Election Pamphlet was printed out of state because a Salem, Ore., firm was the lowest responsive bidder.

For a new Senate majority
Last year I tuned in for the first time to the testimony offered by Alaskans throughout the state on the proposed budget. Overwhelmingly people were opposed to cuts in road maintenance, state parks, mental health services, education, and public safety. Surprisingly, over and over again people expressed that they would pay for these important services.

Protect your rights
Please vote. Decide right now, that you will not miss any more opportunities to vote, it is crucial that you vote on Nov. 5 or by fax or absentee ballot any time before Nov. 5. Protect your rights.

A formidable team
Recently I heard some of a statewide debate by the candidates for governor. Frank Murkowski brought up a point that needs to be repeated. It is that all three of our representatives in Washington are of the same "vintage." It is important for us to begin to build toward some new seniority with one of the positions which would be created by electing Frank to the governor's job.

Frank made lasting impression
I recently attended a Murkowski fund-raiser where I witnessed Sen. Murkowski interact with a young lady in the audience, who was there with her mother to view first-hand, for her civics class, what happens during a campaign rally.

Ethical and effective
I am writing today in regards to the candidacy of Mr. Bruce Weyhrauch as a representative to the Alaska Legislature from Juneau. Mr. Weyhrauch, as our legal counsel for the state of Alaska has been representing our fishing trade association, the Alaska Crab Coalition (ACC) on matters of importance to Alaskans for the past 10 years.

Ulmer always listens
In February 2000, Let's Vote! Alaska was Fran Ulmer's answer to a 36 percent voter turn-out rate among 18-24-year-olds in the 1996 general election.

The best candidate
I've known Cathy Muñoz for over 30 years. I can confirm from personal experience and from a longtime friendship Cathy's integrity, loyalty and kindness. This is a woman you can trust.

Platitudes or a plan?
I've watched gubernatorial debates and seen political ads. Contrary to Murkowski's posturing, Ulmer set forth a July 31 written plan for growing Alaska's economy, calling for: developing Alaska's natural resources more effectively, diversifying the economy, creating a stable climate for investment (a fiscal plan), investing in Alaska's infrastructure (ports, roads, airports, etc.), and making further investments in education and training.

Avoid empty promises
We need balance in this state. Alaskans need a governor who will do what is best for Alaska and that is why I am voting for Fran Ulmer.

We can and we must
Last week while in Anchorage, I had the opportunity to attend two gubernatorial debates and watch a third on television. I've paid close attention to the campaign, but one thing came through far more clearly at the debates than it does in the news coverage.

Young Republicans endorse Young, Murkowski, Stevens
The members of Young Republicans-Alaska and the University of Alaska Anchorage College Republicans share a common vision for the future of Alaska. As we begin careers we hope for a state with a stable and prosperous economy that will provide jobs now and for future generations. As we start families we hope for a state with a sound economy that can provide for excellent schools, healthcare and public safety.

Fran - for these reasons
Here's why this Republican, former state legislator and lieutenant governor is supporting Fran Ulmer for governor: She has a 28-year record of accomplishment and dedicated service to all Alaskans.

Unqualified support
I have a feeling there are more than a few people in our community like me who vote in every state election, but for one reason or another, have a hard time fully endorsing a candidate. Often I vote for a candidate based on his or her platform but cannot always vouch for the integrity of the candidate as an individual. Or I will vote for a candidate to oppose the person he is running against.

Time to bring Alaskans together
Are the Republicans that desperate to stay in Juneau behind their closed-door meetings that they yet again need to turn elections into an ugly array of attack ads?

Compassionate, capable
We've only known Bruce Weyhrauch for less than a year but we've been greatly impressed by both his compassion and his ability.

Don't let fear rule
The word "vote" is derived from an Old English word meaning "vow." Voting should be as sacred and important as a vow. It is a promise, a trust, a personal and private matter. Your vote is a sacred thing; it is not a strategic "move" or a pawn.

Beware loss of state jobs
If you are a state employee your job could be on the chopping block if the wrong person moves into the Governor's mansion in December.

If a road is built, who will come?
I have a question for voters. Once this road is built out of Juneau, who will drive hundreds of miles from across the state in the middle of winter, to "check up on the Legislature?" My answer is no one! After the road is built, the population of the great state of Alaska will watch the Legislature on television just like they do now!

Photo: Getting into politics
Seventh-graders Lia Heifetz, left, and Lauren Verrelli work on a poster Wednesday for their joint history and language arts project in teacher Jamie Marks' class at Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School.

Foiled fliers take to seas
Disgruntled air passengers, trapped in Sitka because of heavy fog in Juneau, hired a boat Wednesday to get them here.Nearly 60 Alaska Airlines passengers, piled up from different embarkment points in sunny Sitka, some for several days, chartered an Allen Marine Tours catamaran for $60 each.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

JDHS teacher hopes breakfasts will lead to test success
In addition to filling her students' heads with knowledge, Juneau-Douglas High School teacher Barb Bonner spent part of this week filling their stomachs with breakfast."It's always great when Ms. Bonner cooks," said Corey Dayton, a junior in the Choosing Healthy Options in Cooperative Education, or CHOICE, program, where Bonner teaches English. He and other CHOICE students feasted on a breakfast of sausage, eggs and pancakes this morning before taking the final portion of the three-day high school exit exam.

Award-winning rights activist at UAS
Most Americans don't know that commonly available products such as chocolate and the steel used to make automobiles can be linked to slave labor, according to Kevin Bales, the director of Free the Slaves, a human rights organization trying to end slavery worldwide. Bales will speak about contemporary slavery and its social and economic implications Friday at the Egan Library at the University of Alaska Southeast. His talk, "Slavery in the Modern World," starts at 7 p.m.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Due to an editor's error, a letter in Wednesday's Empire incorrectly listed the hometown of writers Roy and Carla Kyle. The former Juneau residents now live in Boise, Idaho.

Due to an editor's error, a headline on a Monday Empire article gave an incorrect age for an alleged rape victim in the Mendenhall Valley.

Juneau children warm up for Halloween at Harvest Fair
Wednesday night's Harvest Fair at Northern Light United Church may not have been the most frightening event of the year, but if it was any indication of Juneau's enthusiasm for the holiday, tonight will be a Halloween to remember.The church's youth group organized and ran most of the games at the event. Activities included a cake walk to the soundtrack of last summer's Scooby Doo movie, a fish pond where a princess and a ghost attached candy and games to makeshift fishing poles, face painting, a donut dangle, a ring toss, cookie decorating and a haunted attic.

Forecasts continue to call for fog
JUNEAU - Juneau will see some fog in the days ahead, but it should be less dense, according the National Weather Service."We're looking for it to become less widespread and ... more patchy," meteorologist Michael Mitchell said. "It should be here most nights from here on out."

Postal system may resort to ferry transport
While the fog has not cut Juneau off totally from the rest of the world, it's safe to say most of the mail that has made it in and out of Juneau in the last few days has been electronic."We haven't seen any planes in the last three or four days," said Andy Ritzman, manager of Aero Services, which handles the loading, unloading and distribution of U.S. Postal Service mail from planes at the Juneau Airport to post offices in town.

Police say rapist may have known his victim
Police say an alleged sexual assault over the weekend in the Mendenhall Valley probably was committed by someone who knew the woman."There were no signs of a break-in at the home ... although he could have gotten in through an unlocked door or window," said Capt. Tom Porter. "From information we received from the woman's boyfriend, it may have been an acquaintance of his.

Photo: Pie, anyone?
Dylan and Megan Martin pose Wednesday with a 300-pound pumpkin their father, Ian Martin, carved for Halloween. Martin got the large pumpkin from Super Bear Supermarket, where he is produce manager.

Downtown gets new sewer line
A new sewer line floating along the downtown waterfront should begin to disappear from sight today.Workers planned to sink the 4,440-foot-long, high-density polyethylene main today, according to city Public Works Director Joe Buck.

Juneau's spookiest house?
Brad, Carol, Kate and Lyman Austin live at quite possibly the spookiest address in Juneau.Their modest house lies down a winding, secluded driveway at 8001 Gladstone, where 11 tombstones poke jaggedly from the moss and elaborately costumed, life-sized spooks creep through the foggy woods.

Photo fair scheduled
Students in grades K-8 can learn more about the art of photography from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 2,during a Photo Fair.

Help sought to cover family's funeral expenses for Juneau toddler
After a two-year battle for the life of her daughter, Linda Wilson is now struggling with the costs of her daughter's funeral.Juneau toddler Victoria Wilson died Oct. 21 of graft versus host disease, a result of complications in a bone marrow transplant she received at the end of August.

Pets of the week
Moose is a neutered male Malamute mix, mellow and eager to please. He is housebroken, bright and easy to train. Calico is a cuddly furball who is sweet and affectionate. Calico has been spayed and her front paws are declawed.

Thank you
...for the help; ...for the generosity.

Central Council receives more than $3 million in training funds
The Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (CCTHITA) Vocational Training and Resource Center (VTRC) has been awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Education/Office of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Photo: Jack-o-lantern carvers
Amanda Bicknell, 4, Alicia Arehart, 10, Christina Arehart, 4, Jacob Bicknell, 6, and Zachary Bicknell, 8, show off their carved pumpkins at Brigadoon Estates earlier this month.

CCS planning construction of new adult day facility in Juneau
Family of senior citizens needing assistance and a safe place to spend their day can have peace of mind and time for themselves, thanks to Juneau's adult day program called "The Bridge." According to Gail Perez, program supervisor, "The Bridge" is comitted to helping senior citizens remain at home for as long as possible and keeping their family caregivers healthy.

Ramona 'Dolly' Nicklie McVay
Ramona "Dolly" Nicklie McVay died Oct. 28, 2002, in her home in Port Angeles, Wash. Services will be held at 5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 2, in Sitka at the Salvation Army Hall.

Empire editorial: Muñoz is best choice for Senate
Voters will have a clear choice in determining who is best suited to represent Juneau in the state Senate. The decision won't be made based solely on character or personality, because challenger Cathy Muñoz and incumbent Kim Elton are both hard-working, big-hearted, principled people. Both candidates deserve and enjoy great popularity and support.

Empire editorial: Weyhrauch for House District 4
The Juneau House District 4 race pits two very motivated, experienced, honorable, hard-working family men against each other.

My Turn: One of the political season's ironies
Sometimes a politician's position can change depending on who she is talking to.This spring Fran Ulmer told representatives of the United Fishermen of Alaska that, as part of a solution for the subsistence controversy, she supported making changes to ANILCA, the federal subsistence law.

My Turn: Fishermen, communities in peril
When I came home to Cordova from commercial fishing Bristol Bay this summer I felt like I'd walked back into Naknek the fall of 1997. Naknek was the place I'd loved and called home for 19 years and summers before that. After a severe run failure in the Kvichak (a return on only 8 percent of the forecasted run), we were scared, desperate. Was our community going to have the resources to fund our schools, clinic, and public safety? Were we going to be able to pay our bills, heat our homes, and feed our children? Were the related domestic violence and substance abuse going to destroy us? It was a horrible time.

My Turn: Hey, Mulder, where's Scully?
I've known Eldon Mulder since he was an aide to Sen. Bettye Fehrenkamp in the '80s and I think he's a great guy. But his recent opinion piece, "Who should be Alaska's next governor?" reads like something out of the X-Files.

My Turn: Now is the time for a changing of the guard
The Old Guard congressional delegation of Ted Stevens, Don Young and Frank Murkowski, have long been in office, primarily, through the latter quarter of the 20th century, but a new century, now, calls for the changing of the guard. The Old Guard still goes by the Pax Americana ethos of overwhelming power and domination, but the world cannot bear the consequences of such an ideology from any huge power.

My Turn: Vote 'no' on legislative/capital move
On Nov. 5 you will be asked to approve moving the Legislature from Juneau to the Mat-Su Borough. Ballot Measure 2 will also ask you to repeal the requirement that Alaskans be informed of, and approve, the total costs of a capital move. I hope that you will agree with me that this is a bad idea for the state, and for Southeast Alaska in particular.

My Turn: Ulmer will fight for working families
When you vote Tuesday, I urge you to choose Fran Ulmer as Alaska's next governor.Fran is a fierce champion for jobs and economic growth. As a key partner in creating a pro-business environment to move Alaska forward, she'll keep fighting to make sure Alaska working families and businesses prosper.

Opening fright: Kings demolish Cavs
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The Sacramento Kings didn't get too excited about the best defensive performance in Arco Arena history. After all, it was only the first game of the season - and the opponent was Cleveland.Peja Stojakovic scored 17 points and Chris Webber had 14 rebounds as the Kings opened a season of great expectations with a 94-67 victory over the Cavaliers on Tuesday night.

Juneau swimmers aiming for state berths at Region V meet
The Juneau-Douglas High School swim team has racked up impressive wins this season against its Southeast competition and top programs from elsewhere in the state.But aside from the confidence instilled by those victories, the Crimson Bears' past triumphs mean little as they compete in the Region V swim meet Friday and Saturday in Petersburg with state meet berths on the line.

Juneau hosts All-Comers volleyball tourney
JUNEAU - Juneau-Douglas High School will host the annual All-Comers Volleyball Tournament on Friday and Saturday, and nearly 20 teams from at least nine Southeast communities are expected to play.

Sports in Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Cavs clip Clippers for first win
LOS ANGELES - For one night, Darius Miles made it look as though the Cleveland Cavaliers got the best end of the deal when the Los Angeles Clippers dealt him for Andre Miller.An NBA doormat in recent seasons, the Cavaliers spoiled the Clippers' season opener with a 98-96 victory Wednesday night.

JYFL hands out post-season honors
JUNEAU - The Juneau Youth Football League held its lower divisions (PeeWee, Junior, and Senior divisions) award ceremony last Sunday at Centennial Hall.

Sports in Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Incumbent Kim Elton tops fund-raising battle
With less than a week to go before the Nov. 5 general election, local legislative candidates have raised a combined total of more than $367,000.The Alaska Committee, the group fighting the legislative move initiative, has raised about $1.7 million, mostly from the city of Juneau.

Consultants playing key role in Murkowski, Ulmer campaigns
The leading candidates for governor in Alaska are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on outside experts to help them shape their message at home, campaign records show.The two candidates have spent more than $1.2 million on their media campaigns, much of it going to professionals outside the state. Overall, Republican Frank Murkowski raised $1.5 million and Democrat Fran Ulmer raised $1.3 million from 2001 to Oct. 7, state campaign reports showed. The most recent reports, filed this week, were not yet available.

Kasilof man is charged with illegal trapping
A Kasilof man stands charged with illegally trapping along the western edge of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, killing three bald eagles and other wildlife, according to a federal grand jury indictment.

Salmon fishermen reconsider taboos to save way of life
ANCHORAGE - With the value of their catches plunging, commercial salmon fishermen are beginning to embrace once-taboo ideas to save their livelihoods. They include a return to fish traps, a hated symbol of corporate and ecological abuse banned when Alaska became a state in 1959. Other ideas include a public buyout of state fishing permits and a shift from competition to cooperation among fishermen in some areas of the state.

Kids Vote OKs treasurer's repayment of missing funds
After being confronted by members of his board and their lawyer, the treasurer of a local nonprofit organization admitted pocketing more than $2,000 from the group's bank account and paid back the money. The board's decision to allow the 23-year-old man to repay the funds to Kids Voting USA and not to report the incident to the police prompted two board members to resign in protest.

Safety program helps with pilot's rescue
ANCHORAGE - A pilot who crashed Monday night in Southwest Alaska was located with the help of a new Federal Aviation Administration regional safety program.FAA managers say the rescue of Grant Aviation pilot Erick Gutierrez was the first save in its Capstone program.

Two Cook Inlet oil rigs to shut down
KENAI - Two Cook Inlet Unocal oil platforms will shut down within the next six months as the company reduces its scale.The company is taking a look at how to downsize in an effort to become more profitable, said spokeswoman Roxanne Sinz.

Ted Stevens faces four small-party candidates in race for Senate seat
None of the four candidates running against U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens for his seat in Congress has held elected office prior to running against the 34-year incumbent, but all claim they would better represent Alaska's interests.Stevens, the fifth-ranking member of the U.S. Senate, serves as ranking member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and sits on the Senate Rules Committee and the Senate Commerce Committee, which oversees fisheries, oceans, aviation and technology issues. His positions have brought tens of millions in federal funds into the state.

Alaska businesses unsure about cruise company merger
ANCHORAGE - Alaska tour operators say they're waiting to see how the pending $5.4 billion takeover of Princess Cruises by Carnival Corp. will affect them.

Canadian group begins farmed salmon boycott
VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Chefs, scientists, fishing interests and conservation groups have begun a campaign to boycott farm-raised salmon from British Columbia. The campaign could aid Alaska's ongoing effort to market wild salmon, which has lost much of its market share to farmed fish.

State Briefs
Even the Times opposes move; Subsistence input due Friday; Man sentenced in sex abuse case

State Briefs
Weather contributes to traffic accidents; Senate candidates win endorsements; Kids trick or treat for UNICEF; Two people killed in Seward Highway crash; Vintage plane crash-lands in Fairbanks; Strong winds cause damage in South Anchorage;

Art from found objects
I t has been said that one man's junk is another man's treasure. For Alaska artists Carol Hilgemann and Don Mohr, that junk is more than simply treasure - it's the basis for a work of art. The Alaska State Museum will showcase "found object art" with solo exhibitions by Hilgemann and Mohr, beginning with an opening reception from 4:30 to 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 1. Hilgemann will talk about her exhibition at 6 p.m.

Capturing Southeast's extreme talent
W hether surfing off remote beaches in Southeast, skateboarding in Juneau or heli-boarding outside of Haines, you can bet Scott Baxter has one piece of equipment with him - his digital video camera.The fourth generation Juneau resident will be debuting "PAK II: Rendered," the second installment of his Alaska extreme sports video series, at 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 2, at Centennial Hall. The Anchorage Boarderline skateboard and snowboard video "In for Life" will show on the same ticket.

Movies where and when
"Red Dragon," (R) ends Thursday, Oct. 31, last show at 7 p.m. at the 20th Century Twin.

Best Bets: Halloween events more glam than that fairy suit
Like many who grew up in Alaska, this time of year reminds me of a bitterly cold string of grade-school Halloweens when my mother sent me out dressed like a chubby, runny-nosed Tinkerbell in a "fairy costume" (read: wire-hanger/panty hose wings and ballet tutu) pulled on over a dingy lavender snowsuit. Luckily, this year's Juneau Halloween for grown-ups promises to be much more glamorous.

What's up with that?
Jacob P. Anderson was one of those rare individuals who turned a hobby into his life's work and a lasting legacy. Anderson, who spent much of his adult life in Juneau, had a passion for plants - collecting, studying, describing and cataloging all things floral. By the time he died in 1953, he had amassed an enormous collection of Alaska flora and played a major role in bringing the botany of Alaska into the realm of scientific study.

What's happening

Looking out Looking in
Looking Out, Looking In," an exhibit of works by local artists Lisa Blacher and Kathy Hocker, will be featured at the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council gallery during November.The show of clay vessels, graphite drawings, carved tiles and mixed-media illustrations will open with a reception from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 1, at the JAHC gallery at 206 North Franklin St. Admission is free and refreshments will be served.

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