If a road is built, who will come?

Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002

I have a question for voters. Once this road is built out of Juneau, who will drive hundreds of miles from across the state in the middle of winter, to "check up on the Legislature?" My answer is no one! After the road is built, the population of the great state of Alaska will watch the Legislature on television just like they do now!

Building a road out of Juneau will not improve access to the Legislature. Who, just tell me who, will travel such a treacherous road with obvious avalanche dangers in the winter? That road is for tourists, not Alaskans. Alaskans and everyone else can reach the capital any time of the year via the Alaska Marine Highway. Besides, this is the age of technology. Anyone can surf the Web at their local library and obtain things like legislative voting records - for free!

Why ruin such a beautiful and unique area as Southeast Alaska by inviting an increase in automobile traffic? Imagine other capitals in other states, and how pristine and quaint they would be in a setting like ours. Why should voters cave to pressure to pave the Panhandle? As things stand, our communities are accessible. Travelers just need to plan to take a little extra time when they vacation to accommodate ferry schedules.

Julie McBrien


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