Challenge the rules

Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002

As a young person who attended the Spirit of Youth gubernatorial debate at Bartlett the other day, I want to express my appreciation to Sen. Murkowski for standing up for the inclusion of other candidates.

They were Diane Benson with the Green Party and Billy Toien of the Libertarian Party. Besides it was interesting to hear from all four of the candidates.

KTUU, which televised the event, failed to mention that the moderator is involved with Fran Ulmer's campaign. Was there a motivation for a closed debate?

If young people are to learn about civic duty and government, debates should be open to all six political parties, not just Democrats and Republicans.

What I learned that day, is sometimes it takes standing up and challenging the rules in order to protect our American democracy. Rather than sitting by as Fran Ulmer did.

Helen Setuk

Chugiak High School senior

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