A real leader

Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002

When my work takes me to the capitol building, I am always glad when I reach Sen. Kim Elton's office.

Kim Elton wants to hear what people on all sides of an issue have to say. He treats me with courtesy and respect, and I feel confident that he will make a well-reasoned decision.

Kim Elton is smart, constructive and effective. He does not perform for the camera or divide Alaskans to get attention. Kim Elton cares about getting things done for Juneau and our state.

As the parent of two preschoolers, I appreciate the support Kim Elton has given to our schools, and his concern about Juneau's future and the long-term health of our state.

I am voting for Kim Elton. He is a real leader.

Catherine Reardon


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