Separating Ulmer from Knowles

Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002

Although I hated Tony Knowles as governor, I'm voting for Fran Ulmer.

If you, like me, had been a small commercial fisherman but did not partake in the windfall of Individual Fishing Quotas, you have had a tough time. In fact, while Mr. Knowles was governor the salmon industry has been experiencing one disastrous season after another. Nothing demonstrates the failed fishery policies of the current governor than the unanimous vote of the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council (NPFMC) for processor quota shares. Nothing demonstrates the distance between Fran Ulmer's position and the governor than her opposition to processor quota shares.

Although Murkowski aid Bill Woolf's comment that the governor is only directly responsible for one vote on the NPFMC is technically correct, it is disingenuous because all of Alaska's six seats on the 11-member council are nominated by the governor.

In this gubernatorial campaign the prominent issue for commercial fishermen is whether or not the candidates support processor quota shares. Processor quota shares and independent fishermen cannot coexist in Alaska. To date there is only one major candidate who opposes processor quota shares. That candidate is Fran Ulmer.

Matt Donohoe


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