Unqualified support

Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002

I have a feeling there are more than a few people in our community like me who vote in every state election, but for one reason or another, have a hard time fully endorsing a candidate. Often I vote for a candidate based on his or her platform but cannot always vouch for the integrity of the candidate as an individual. Or I will vote for a candidate to oppose the person he is running against.

It is a pleasure therefore, to give my full support to Bruce Weyhrauch, as a candidate for state House. Integrity and honesty are the words that come to mind most often in my association with Bruce. As a small business owner (Foggy Mountain Shop), I am confident that Bruce will work with diligence and integrity to keep the capital in Juneau, improve or educational facilities, and as a member of the House majority, be active in promoting tourism and strengthening our local economy. As a fellow Rotarian I have seen Bruce donate countless volunteer hours of his time to community projects especially programs involving kids. Finally, as a parent I place a lot of value in the fact that Bruce is a devoted father and, together with his wife LuAnn, gives top priority to his family.

I can say, without reservation, that a vote for Bruce Weyhrauch is a vote for fair, imaginative, well conceived and constructive legislation for Juneau and all of Southeast Alaska.

Scott Fischer


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