Young Republicans endorse Young, Murkowski, Stevens

Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002

The members of Young Republicans-Alaska and the University of Alaska Anchorage College Republicans share a common vision for the future of Alaska. As we begin careers we hope for a state with a stable and prosperous economy that will provide jobs now and for future generations. As we start families we hope for a state with a sound economy that can provide for excellent schools, healthcare and public safety.

Frank Murkowski is the clear choice for governor, the only candidate who will ensure that our hopes for Alaska become a reality. We endorse Frank Murkowski and the Republican legislative candidates that share our goals and ideals.

Many of us grew up in Alaska, and we thank our congressional delegation for their contributions on our behalf to the schools we attended, the roads we traveled on and the safety we enjoyed. We support Ted Stevens and Don Young in their bids to return to Washington, D.C., so that our children and grandchildren will enjoy the same benefits.

Robin Phillips

Chair, Young Republicans-Alaska

Erin Mofford

Chair, UAA College Republicans


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