The best candidate

Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002

I've known Cathy Muñoz for over 30 years. I can confirm from personal experience and from a longtime friendship Cathy's integrity, loyalty and kindness. This is a woman you can trust.

In an age where candidates make open-ended statements of accomplishments and hand out disposable promises freely, I will testify that what Cathy states she will accomplish, she will, to the very best of her ability, regardless of the effort involved. She is a hard worker and always follows through with promises. She will help anyone in need with out question. She is honest, forthright, and will not falter in her beliefs regardless of status quo.

I live in Eagle River and believe she will be a legislative asset for the entire state of Alaska. Her family is from Alaska; her roots are firmly planted in our great state, and she has a vested interest in our future.

I believe the voters will do what is right for Juneau and the entire state of Alaska on Nov. 5 and vote for Cathy Muñoz. She is the best candidate for the job and I am proud to call her my best friend.

Shawn Barrows

Eagle River

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