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Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002

I am writing today in regards to the candidacy of Mr. Bruce Weyhrauch as a representative to the Alaska Legislature from Juneau. Mr. Weyhrauch, as our legal counsel for the state of Alaska has been representing our fishing trade association, the Alaska Crab Coalition (ACC) on matters of importance to Alaskans for the past 10 years.

Mr. Weyhrauch advised us on numerous occasions on interacting with the Alaska Legislature on fisheries issues, such as limited entry, cost recovery fisheries and protecting ADF&G's crab management budget in the legislative finance committees. Community development quotas (CDQs) were also an important issue. In the course of his representation, Mr. Weyhrauch advised us well on working through the bureaucratic maze of fisheries management in Alaska, including coordination with the Board of Fisheries and the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council and the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission on the complex interjurisdictional issues pertaining to management of the Bering Sea crab fisheries. Mr. Weyhrauch has also coordinated with our Washington, D.C., legal counsel on crab fisheries issues that have come before Congress.

Mr. Weyhrauch has advised us on other environmental issues, including ANWR. In the early 1990s, following Bruce's recommendation, the ACC Board endorsed the development of ANWR, the first fishing association in Alaska to do so. ACC noted in its endorsement that the fishing industry runs on oil and that with state of the art technology available, ANWR could be developed in an environmentally sound manner.

The ACC has found Bruce Weyhrauch to be not only a strong and effective advocate for our fisheries issues, but a very ethical representative. Juneau voters will be lucky to have Bruce Weyhrauch for a representative in the Alaska Legislature.

Arni Thomson

Executive Director

Alaska Crab Coalition


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