A formidable team

Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002

Recently I heard some of a statewide debate by the candidates for governor. Frank Murkowski brought up a point that needs to be repeated. It is that all three of our representatives in Washington are of the same "vintage." It is important for us to begin to build toward some new seniority with one of the positions which would be created by electing Frank to the governor's job.

When elected, Frank will be appointing a new person to fill his U.S. Senate seat, and that person will have a two-year edge on seniority over persons elected in the next election.

Electing Murkowski governor will give Alaska a voice in Washington that we have never had from a state leader by virtue of his 22 years of service. His contacts and knowledge of how to get things done will be extremely beneficial.

Ted Stevens and Don Young are excited to be working with Frank as governor as well as with the newly appointed senator. They will continue to be a formidable team in Washington.

We are fortunate to have a person who is willing to come home from D.C. and commit to continue working for the state. My vote is for Frank Murkowski!

Bob Adams


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