Elton delivers for Juneau

Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002

How lucky can a teacher get? In Juneau's Senate race there are two strong advocates for education running to represent us. Both have strong Assembly records supporting our schools. Both have shown a willingness to get involved and improve our schools, the building block of our future, our economy and our community.

Either might do a good job in the Senate, but one of them has the years of experience that are so critical to being effective in the Legislature. Sen. Elton has formed working relationships with legislators and their staff from all across our state. Not only does he know how the CBJ Assembly works, he's also a pro at navigating the state House and Senate.

Sen. Elton has worked hard for years, and he's been effective. Just this past year he helped secure funding for a second high school in the Valley (tied to passage of the education bonds in November) and an increase in school operating money. The year before he got funding for the high school renovation and another increase in funds for teachers, books and basic curricula.

Sen. Elton has also been a strong advocate for quality child care, Head Start, and the university. I think he's earned the support of the education community.

How refreshing it is to have a choice between two positive advocates for education, instead of the lesser of two evils. I'm supporting Sen. Elton, and I encourage everyone in Juneau to vote on Nov. 5.

Debbie Fagnant


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