Ineffective majority

Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002

I could go on at length about the principled, caring and effective leadership that Sen. Elton has proven over his 12 years in public service as Juneau's Assemblyman, state representative and senator, but I would prefer to speak to a very strange myth that seems to permeate the legislative races. That is the perception that to be effective you need to be a member of the majority. I guess it just depends on what you want to be effective at!

Exactly why do we need more members of the majority? Just what has the Republican majority done for Alaska, for Juneau, for women, and for families? From where I sit, they've landed us in court to spend desperately needed moneys to fight unconstitutional legislation, handed over our lands because they refuse to solve the subsistence problem, in fact they refuse to let us vote on it, tried to curtail a woman's right to chose, refused to inflation-proof education funding, and continually vote against full funding of health benefits for children, the disabled and working families.

We don't need another member of the majority. We need a change in the majority! A proven, principled leader, Sen. Kim Elton, has my vote! If he doesn't have yours then you don't know his record.

Karen Greeney


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