Most ludicrous charge yet

Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002

Former Commissioner of Public Safety Richard Burton claims that on his watch state employees were dealing drugs out of state offices 30 years ago. If so, he was derelict in his duty to find the criminals and arrest them. He failed, either because it was a baseless rumor or he was incompetent. Instead, he suddenly blames former Republican Gov. Jay Hammond and by association candidate for governor Fran Ulmer because the supposed crime happened while Hammond was governor.

Murkowski apologists have made some serious stretches trying to blacken Fran Ulmer's unblemished record of accomplishments, but this is the most ludicrous charge yet. If Fran Ulmer had been around during the '64 quake, I supposed she'd be blamed for that too. Give us all a break.

When is the Murkowski campaign going to start talking about issues instead of distorting Fran's record and trying to smear her reputation?

Patrice Parker


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