Why settle for less?

Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002

I am writing this as a person who has known Kim Elton professionally and personally for nearly 20 years. I am an Alaska voter who is presently in California taking care of family medical needs but I have been following some of the comments of those who say Kim has been ineffective as a state legislator and feel I must respond from my experience.

As an Alaska legislator, Sen. Elton has continuously worked to solve problems facing all Alaskans with his major focus on issues of particular concern to Juneau and Southeast residents. His efforts to protect and enhance our commercial fishing economy have not gone unnoticed. Kim has sought adequate funding to address the needs of our schools - not only for daily operations but for maintenance and repair of existing structures. Our university has also benefited from Kim's efforts to see that our programs receive adequate funding.

As a member of the Fiscal Policy Task Force, his primary objective was how best to provide a stable, sustainable and healthy business economy and how to obtain funding to accomplish this task.

Sen. Elton has extensive experience working in the private and public sectors. Of particular note he was a special assistant to Republican Lt. Gov. Terry Miller under the Hammond administration; a former editor of the Juneau Empire; executive director of ASMI appointed by the Hickel administration; and a commercial fisherman.

Kim has a comprehensive and deep understanding of problems facing our families, our businesses and the need for government to be part of the solution - not part of the problem.

Sen. Elton is well-respected by his legislative colleagues and works well with those on both sides of the aisle as evidenced by his appointment to special committees such as the Salmon Task Force and the Deferred Maintenance Task Force, which looked at funding maintenance needs of schools and our university.

Sen. Elton is intelligent, insightful, and dedicated to working for the people of Juneau. He has the knack of listening to and respect for another's viewpoint; he is unfailingly courteous; and he has the vision to see where the choices we make today will lead us tomorrow. We can be proud to have Kim Elton as our senator. When we already have the very best representing us in the state Legislature, why settle for anyone less?

Jeanne Larson

Redding, Calif.

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