Character and performance

Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002

I will vote for Kim Elton on Nov. 5. I am not in the habit of writing letters to the editor or declaring my political preference. In fact, in my 21 years in Southeast Alaska, I have voted for Republicans and Democrats. On what basis do I choose whom to vote for? I ask three questions: 1) Does the candidate hold core beliefs that are similar to mine? 2) Does the candidate have the intelligence to understand the issues and the guts to stand up for their beliefs? 3) How confident am I that I know the candidate's likely performance?

As you can see, I do not ask whether the candidate is a member of the majority party. The reason is simple: I don't believe in playing the odds and I don't believe in playing games with my vote. I am absolutely sure that we are served best in the long run by people who serve well, by thoughtful politicians who are intelligent and compassionate, by hard workers, by fair-minded people who enjoy the give and take of politics at its best (open, reasonable and considerate of all viewpoints).

Cynics may claim that my description above doesn't describe today's politicians. I will state categorically, however, that it does apply to one of our politicians: Kim Elton. Kim Elton believes in the right mix of economic development and quality of lifestyle, serving needs of individuals, communities and the state. Kim Elton understands the issues and acts on his beliefs. Kim is a compassionate hard-working man who has done a great job for those he represents.

Don't be fooled by those who would ask you to vote for Cathy Muñoz because she would join the majority in this Legislature. Vote your conscience. Vote for character and proven performance. For me, this means voting for Kim Elton.

Bill Hanson


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