Capturing Southeast's extreme talent

Juneau video maker aims to give exposure to Alaska's extreme athletes with new installment in video series

Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002

Whether surfing off remote beaches in Southeast, skateboarding in Juneau or heli-boarding outside of Haines, you can bet Scott Baxter has one piece of equipment with him - his digital video camera.

The fourth generation Juneau resident will be debuting "PAK II: Rendered," the second installment of his Alaska extreme sports video series, at 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 2, at Centennial Hall. The Anchorage Boarderline skateboard and snowboard video "In for Life" will show on the same ticket.

"PAK II: Rendered" is primarily constructed from footage Baxter has taken in the last year of snowboarding, surfing, snowmachining and skateboarding from around Southeast and other parts of Alaska.

"This video shows that there's a lot of talent here in Juneau and lots of extreme stuff here in Alaska," Baxter said. "There's a lot of strong talent that's beginning to become uncovered."

Baxter, whose love for extreme sports spawned from growing up skateboarding and ski racing, said with this video he's "trying to represent the Alaskan flavor."

He said it's difficult for Alaska's aspiring adrenaline seekers to get professionally recognized by a business that is mainly focused on the talent from the Lower 48.

"I'm trying to help push the talent in Alaska and help people out by video," Baxter said. "It's really hard for kids from Juneau and areas in Alaska to get sponsors because a lot of the big companies are down south."

Baxter said he never thought he'd be making movies or videos, but figures subconsciously the interest has been there.

"Being born and raised here in Juneau, and Alaska, seeing all the impressive beauty, I always wanted to capture it and share it with other people," he said. "Filming keeps me around a lot of things I like to do, like being out in the elements."

Sharing his unique experiences and insights of extreme sports in Alaska, especially Southeast, is one of Baxter's main objectives with his latest project. "While I'm out and around all these cool places, it gives me an opportunity to capture it and share it with other people."

The video will debut in Juneau, but Baxter plans to promote it down south to help expose some of Southeast's extreme athletes.

"I think a lot of people will be stoked," he said. "There's lot's of cool scenic Alaskan footage ... capturing the beauty of where it's all going on around here."

Baxter said the video is not targeted to a specific audience and hopes a diverse crowd will attend to gain a greater knowledge and respect for Southeast Alaska's extreme athletes.

"Some people might dig it, some people might not, but there's a little bit of everything in it," he said.

For more information on the debut of "PAK II: Rendered," Baxter can be reached at 723-7669.

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