Safer crossing needed

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, October 31, 2003

As a parent that has a child that crosses that intersection to and from Glacier Valley, I would like for DOT to explain: How can a intersection be designed with no regard for those kids going to school? Our children depend on us adults to make things safe for them. DOT has put our kids in a crosswalk that also allows for cars to compete for the right to turn left. How can we expect our kids to make the right decision when a driver can't even make the right decision?

At 2500 Minnesota Drive there is a intersection and a school zone for Romig Middle School. Minnesota Drive is a four-lane, 40 mph zone, and a major corridor into and out of downtown Anchorage. The people of Anchorage had to fight for it, but they got the school zone put in.

I hope the people of Juneau will fight for the safety of our children as the people of Anchorage did.

Doug Cooper


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