Alaska is lucky

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, October 31, 2004

Anchorage has gained wide recognition and national awards for the city's sanitary landfill and the municipality's Eklutna water system. These critical public utility facilities were conceived and developed by Tony Knowles during his terms as the city's mayor. Though he first got lots of heat for it, Mayor Knowles banned smoking in a public health building on 9th and L. The ban spread to other municipal buildings and then to cities in the Lower 48, but, the "No Smoking" ban was started right here in Anchorage. During his two terms as governor, Knowles did more to help sport fishing, river habitat protection, and the Kenai River salmon runs than all the rest of the governors combined have done since statehood.

Lisa Murkowski served her term in the state Legislature as a fair and considerate legislator. She was respected and admired by her peers and her constituents. She didn't necessarily follow any party line, but always did what she thought was best for Alaska. She and her husband have a very successful specialty business in which they produce different styles of pasta right in Anchorage for restaurants and commercial users. Lisa's occupation as an attorney helps her to be well qualified to make laws. She has done an exceptional job during her term in the U.S. Senate. She has gained high respect and good marks from Congressman Don Young. Sen. Ted Stevens has praised her also, "She is as bright a freshman senator as I've ever seen. She does what she said she would do and gets things done. We all enjoy working with her."

Now to the point of this letter; we have not seen nor heard enough talk about how fortunate we all are. Both these candidates are intelligent, moral, honest, hard working and dedicated to Alaska and our country. Both have great families, both are long time Alaskans, both are outstanding citizens and dedicated to helping build a better Alaska. Either of them would be an excellent U.S. senator. They are exceptional candidates. How lucky we all are to have such an excellent option on election day. We, the public, have a win-win choice. I see no other state this year that has such great candidates; how fortunate Alaska is.

We all owe them a sincere thank you for their commitment to serve us. Be sure to vote on Nov. 2.

Bob Penney


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