Democrats bad for Alaska

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, October 31, 2004

Would you like to give up your permanent dividend check so that the state government won't go broke quite so fast? Reduce school budgets? Reduce teachers? Reduce all government agencies? Reduce state workers? Reduce all entitlements such as payment for old people and retirement checks? Pay a state income tax, provided you're working that is?

Well I wouldn't either, which is why we should all vote for Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski instead of Democrat Tony Knowles. You see folks, the Democrat National Party views Alaska as their big national park with nothing else allowed. Alaskans must face the reality that our oil money is running out and the Democrat National Party has no intention of letting Alaska do anything with natural resources and could care less if we go broke. If you think tourism is our ace in the hole think again about increasing oil prices and there goes our whole card. Alaska's best bet is the Republican National Party, who, over Democrat opposition, delivered us the oil pipeline project we have been living off for the past few decades and the current gas pipeline legislation that at least offers us an economic future.

Let us not deliver Alaska into the bowels of the Democratic National Party, there to be devoured by the radical so-called environmentalists.

Merrill Palmer


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