You should vote 'yes' on Ballot Measure 2

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I am so sick of the lies and misinformation the "No-on-2" people are spreading all over Alaska. If the oil companies were really going to build a gas pipeline, then the reserve tax would be a moot point. The reserve tax goes away when a pipeline is built. The only reason the "No" people keep saying this tax will add to the cost of the pipeline is because they do not plan to build it for many years.

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The oil companies might be able to purchase the best Legislature money can buy, but that doesn't mean the public will be so easily bought. It's our gas. We will see no benefit from this resource until it begins flowing down a pipeline. If we allow the oil companies to dictate the terms it will only benefit them, and it will be built on their time schedule.

By voting yes on 2, it puts this issue on our terms for a change. We might as well get some benefit from our gas. This tax could be the only benefit we see for a long time. On Nov. 7, don't be left out in the cold; vote yes on 2.

James Mellott


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