Sarah Palin will get the right gas line

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sarah Palin is my choice for our next governor. She is a smart, bright and a very intelligent person. She has the motivation, energy, support and momentum to win the governorship. Sarah has and is connecting with people all over Alaska in a way that has never been seen before. She has done more with less money that any other major candidate in all of her statewide campaigns. This is an excellent indication on how she can manage money, budgets and people.

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This is a critical time for Alaska. Our economic future is tied to getting a gas line. The gas line is to Alaska's future what the oil pipeline was to Alaska in the 1970s. Without the gas line, we have a dim future.

Sarah will get a gas line that is right for Alaska and will appoint the best people to get the job done right in time to not lose the "window of opportunity" we have all heard about.

All this talk questioning Sarah's ability to govern is a bunch of hogwash being spread around by Tony Knowles. Any one that has been around political campaigns knows that the winner will have their choice of many qualified people for the appointed positions that the new governor will be filling.

Sarah has developed a solid fishing platform supported by Alaska fisherman. Being in the fishing industry, I appreciate the effort and thought that has gone into this.

Tony is running on his experience over Sarah's "inexperience." I will take Sarah's inexperience any day over Tony's eight years.

In his last administration, Tony was against any road out of Juneau. Now he says all road options should be looked at. Isn't this called flip-flopping? If you live in Southeast Alaska, don't vote for Tony if you want a road.

Regardless what Tony is saying, Sarah is against moving the capital out of Juneau. I trust Sarah to lead all Alaskans to a better and brighter future.

John Winther


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