Palin is just another Republican politician

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I've heard from several of my acquaintances the statement, "Isn't it great we now have an opportunity to elect a woman as governor." My retort is usually, "Then why didn't you vote for Fran Ulmer, who was an experienced, progressive, extremely bright and personable candidate, not a bubble-headed beauty queen?" The reason, obviously, was because she ran as a Democrat.

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Now I do believe Sarah Palin can become a viable candidate in time, but she has to earn it. She should run for more offices, get elected, and prove herself competent. I don't remember hearing of anyone who has been mayor of Wasilla doing a bad job. Probably because it is so easy a job that you would have to be criminally inclined to fail at it. If Sarah gets elected, I truly believe you will see a transformation from little miss goody-goody two shoes to a typical Republican - that is if she wants to get anything done at all. That's a pretty closed shop in Juneau.

Nothing is accomplished as a Republican unless you're a member of the in-group caucus of right-wingers. Ask Mark Neuman, our representative in District 15, about it. He signed up to be part of the "silent (don't-let-the-public-know-what-we-did) majority" when he was running last time. In other words, to me, he sold out. And Sarah will, too. What's needed is strong Democratic representation.

So, if you want more of same, where oil companies and big business executives with lots of money get their back scratched to the detriment of the public, go ahead and vote Republican - the party that thinks government doesn't work and, when elected, goes all out to prove it.

In addition, for those who will vote for Palin because she is a woman, if you had used this reasoning in 2002, maybe Ulmer would have been our governor these last four years, and we would have been spared the arrogant, unethical and incompetent Republican administration of Frank Murkowski.

Dick Palmatier


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