Don Young is doing a great job for Alaskans

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Oct. 25, Empire ran an Anchorage Daily News-generated editorial and a letter to the editor by one Charley Larson, both bashing Congressman Don Young. I have had dealings with the congressman for 20 of his 30-plus years in office and would like to offer a different perspective on his time serving Alaskans.

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The only thing I agree with in the two articles, is he's always been a little rough around the edges. A look at this state's history will show that a good number of Alaska's political representatives, past and present, have possessed this characteristic. It could easily be said that it is traditional.

Don Young and our congressional delegation, during good times and bad, have provided support for much-needed infrastructure to help Alaska get it's long-term economic legs. This is no small task. As well, the transportation bill developed during the congressman's chairmanship was designed to rebuild and improve America's decaying transportation infrastructure, the largest such effort since the interstate program in the early 1960s.

In my visits to Washington, D.C., I have had unimpeded access to Congressman Young and our senators and have heard time and again while there that Alaskans enjoy the best access to their delegation. This speaks volumes to the concern these individuals have for our state and its citizens. So, to those responsible for the disparaging articles, in the midst of your name-calling and uneducated remarks, if you truly wonder why Congressman Young keeps getting re-elected, it's because he is doing a great job for Alaska and America.

Dennis Watson

Mayor of Craig

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