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Posted: Tuesday, October 31, 2006

When voters approved a sewer extension for north Douglas, I doubt their vision was anything like the city of Juneau's proposed sewer extension plans.

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After attending a public meeting put on by the city to explain the sewer extension plans, it became apparent that only about 20 homes on the uphill side of the road would be served in the upcoming extension phase. That's right, the next sewer extension project will only serve 20 homes on the uphill side of the road for the first mile north of the bridge. No existing homes on the water side will be served. No other existing homes past the first mile on either side of the road will get sewer service on this next phase of construction projected to cost $1.5 million.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that even though only 20 existing homes will be served, 80 acres of uphill land will receive the sewer benefits so new homes may be built.

So here are the facts:

1) Existing homes along North Douglas Highway need city sewer service to eliminate the high fecal coliforms levels of human waste currently flowing into Gastineau Channel, causing a health and safety hazard.

2) North Douglas residents, along with Juneau voters, agreed that it is a city priority to clean up this mess by voting to provide sewer for north Douglas.

3) The city's first priority is to provide a sewer extension that will only serve 20 existing homes, but will allow development of 240 to 1,440 new housing units.

That's real nice. How about we get our priorities right and serve the existing residents first - then develop more land.

Craig Mapes

North Douglas

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