McAdams will try to represent all Alaskans

Posted: Sunday, October 31, 2010

If Joe Miller is elected, you'll never get past his security detail to actually see him. If Lisa Murkowski is elected, she will have to abandon the moderates who got her there when she rejoins the tightly orthodox Republican caucus. If Scott McAdams is elected, we'll have a senator who listens to ideas and will try to represent all of us, liberal, moderate and conservative.

Politicians run against the gridlock in Washington, but I ask myself, how will someone as ideologically hard-right as Miller unlock the grid and contribute to problem-solving and solutions? Without any willingness to work across the aisle, and with dogma substituting for knowledge and analysis, it will take 60 Millers to whittle government back to nothing. In the meantime the hard work of governing will get done by others, not by him.

Murkowski, unlike Miller, was a moderate and thoughtful voice who put diverse interests over ideology and understood the give and take that politics requires. She has done the work of governing. That is the Murkowski I could vote for. But that moderate voice has been quieted by her membership in the Republican caucus, now tilting even more to the right to accommodate tea party candidates, intolerant of bipartisanship and apparently without an agenda except to say "no."

This brings us to McAdams. What a surprise. What a great, wonderful surprise. Everyone figured Murkowski would beat Miller. McAdams would win a meaningless primary to be a certain loser in the general election. But to growing recognition and support, McAdams has proved to be a smart campaigner, an articulate voice for communities, and a candidate supported by thousands and thousands of Alaskans. He is listening to our voices and will stand up for the people who send him to Washington D.C.

Because this is a three-way race, McAdams has a chance to win this senate seat, and Alaskans have a chance to elect a senator who can look across the great diversity of our state and see a way to govern for all of us. He has my vote.

Peter Freer


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