Vote your values

Posted: Sunday, October 31, 2010

Since the primary, I've talked to many friends and neighbors about the U.S. Senate race. I have heard one theme over and over: people think Scott McAdams is the person who best represents their values, but they are afraid he can't beat Joe Miller, so they are considering voting for Lisa Murkowski.

Over time, many people have realized that even though Murkowski is a nice person, she does not vote as they would want. Her anti-choice votes, her votes against two highly-qualified U.S. Supreme Court Justices, and her putting national party politics before Alaska's interests stand out as extremely bad choices.

I sat behind Murkowski for four years in the Legislature. I like her as a person, I consider her a friend. Many of you are in the same spot. And I have to tell you, that even given that, I can't vote for her now. It's too important.

Voting your conscience, voting your values, is what America is all about. Voting from a place of fear, or because you are friends with a person, is not the way to vote.

On Nov. 2, or earlier, I encourage you to vote your conscience and your values.

Beth Kerttula


• Kerttula is the state representative from District 3, which covers Juneau.

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