Tuesday's election is about more than Alaska

Posted: Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tuesday's election isn't about Alaska. It's national. In part it's about a recession that is devastating the lives of our loved ones living in the Lower 48.

Beyond the economy however, the election is a referendum on the actions taken by Democratic-controlled Washington, D.C. Have we ever seen our government act with such a concerted effort to bypass public opinion in pursuit of an ideological agenda? Half of Alaska's senate contingent has supported that agenda enthusiastically. But, the other half was missing in action when the real fighting needed to be done. In fact, in the last eight years has anyone ever seen Sen. Lisa Murkowski fight for us, for Alaska, like she is fighting now, just to save her own job?

As a nation we are trillions and trillions of dollars in debt, and the ideologues in power appear to have no intention of stemming their addiction to our tax money. The federal government has no money of its own, only an unfettered desire to spend our children's dollars. The current Senate campaign ads by Murkowski and Scott McAdams make a big deal about "getting Alaska's fair share" and "keeping our tax dollars in Alaska." McAdams' TV ads even show him tying an Incredible Hulk tie, in reference to the late Sen. Ted Stevens' near-mythical ability to insert earmarks into legislation. But McAdams, as well as Murkowski, will be fighting over the crumbs left on the table - there are no discretionary dollars in a budget $3 trillion dollars in arrears. Any earmarks they insert would just drive the nation further in debt. Joe Miller appears to be the only candidate realistic enough to understand this.

The political ads are getting nastier and nastier. It's desperation time. Candidates with no real accomplishments or agenda other than to support a bankrupt status quo are trying to tear gas the electorate. For me, this election isn't about Alaska. If we don't clear our eyes, take a real hard look at what is happening in Washington, and do something to change it, the nation, Alaska included, will be in trouble, deep trouble. Scary candidates? Extreme candidates? I'll tell you what's extreme. Extreme is leaving the status quo in place. Miller is the only candidate that appears clear-eyed enough to understand that.

Tony Yorba


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