McAdams has a chance, he should be your choice.

Posted: Sunday, October 31, 2010

The political scene across the country is full of poisonous posturing and Alaska is no exception: our U.S. Senate race is dominated by the bizarre Joe Miller and Lisa Murkowski show. The calm, steady voice of Scott McAdams speaking about important issues has been the welcome exception when not drowned out or ignored.

McAdams has high ideals nicely balanced with practical wisdom, rare qualities for high public office. He is a man of principle who has demonstrated a quality of political leadership desperately needed in Alaska and Washington, a moderate candidate not beholden to any party. He has shown himself to be attentive to other points of view and works tirelessly to find common ground. His is a great choice for senator.

Many Democrats and independents have been so concerned about Miller's strength that their only safe vote would be for Murkowski. Not so. See the Hays Research poll of Oct. 26 at It shows Miller's attractiveness has plummeted; and with undecided folks placed at 13 percent, this is now a race between McAdams and Murkowski.

Your vote counts, folks!

Dorik Mechau


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