Murkowski worked hard to lose my vote and McAdams worked hard to gain it

Posted: Sunday, October 31, 2010

I voted for Lisa Murkowski in her last election. Back then her voting record showed that she cared about Alaska, but in the last two or three years she has worked very hard to lose my vote. A review of her voting record shows the very people who depended on her most in the U.S. Senate were the furthest thing from her mind. It wasn't just one vote and then another vote. It was almost all of them. She voted against major legislation that would have helped us in Alaska. I do not know who she was thinking about when she placed her votes but it was not Alaska. She worked long and hard to lose my vote.

I have met Scott McAdams, talked about the issues, reviewed his action in past elected positions, and talked to his constituents. McAdams has always worked hard for those he represented whether on the Sitka School Board, the Sitka Assembly, or the Alaska Association of School Boards.

McAdams has earned my vote.

Karen Lawfer


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