Give McAdams a chance

Posted: Sunday, October 31, 2010

As many others, I too was initially skeptical of Scott McAdams for his lack of experience. But I started to ask myself "How does one gain experience if not given the chance," "What additional experience does Joe Miller have?" and "How much more experience did Lisa Murkowski have before her dad gave her the seat?"

I also question previous editorial comments that Lisa "handily" won her only senate election, which I recall as a dead heat with former Gov. Tony Knowles until a commercial blitz featuring Sen. Ted Stevens and Rep. Don Young the week before election day in 2004 put her over the top. This past week has revealed lies and deceit associated with Miller's employment and Murkowski's campaign mailer featuring Democratic "supporters," which have been lowballed by both these candidates as "mistakes." Those who watched any of the debates or attended events should have no argument McAdams is a thoughtful, articulate candidate. He also differs from his competitors in that he or his campaign has not been associated with past or present mistakes and lies.

Let's not encourage future mistakes by making one of our own - if you think seniority or experience counts more than integrity then feel free to cast your vote for one of the 'M&Ms' but as for me I plan to give McAdams a chance.

Brian Goettler


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