Thanks to Trail Mix and SAGA

Posted: Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's wonderful to live in a community that has so many amazing hiking trails and a multitude of recreational opportunities. In my ten years as a resident of Lena Loop, I often take advantage of a short hike near my home. Although the Lena Loop Rotary Park Trail is only about a mile long, it's a perfect quick getaway for me when I surround myself with this familiar stretch of rainforest. The real reward, however, is the end of the trail, which terminates at Point Lena - a rocky cliff and the site of the 1952 shipwreck of the Princess Kathleen. This 30-foot cliff provides a beautiful view of Favorite Channel as well as Stephens Passage to the south and Lynn Canal to the north. It's a truly impressive place to be during a winter storm when winds are out of the north. With the frequency I see others on this trail, it must be a special place to more than just those in my neighborhood. Unfortunately, the trail also exhibits some of the same downsides as many of Juneau's trails: steps that are too high, large mud holes, brush growing into/over the trail corridor and many parts uneven with rocks and tree roots. To my relief, my recent visits to the point were more enjoyable as the majority of these issues were recently corrected. I would like to offer a sincere thanks to Trail Mix and SAGA. We're all familiar with their work; such major undertakings such as Perseverance Trail, the new Under Thunder Trail and the highly anticipated facelift to the Treadwell Ditch Trail. But I'm really writing to recognize their efforts and give special thanks for all the work they do on these smaller, lesser-known trails that are so important to individual neighborhoods. Thanks for making Juneau a better place to live.

Harry Tullis

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